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Agree WACOM Support in Europe is AWFUL?

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  • Agree WACOM Support in Europe is AWFUL?


    I have finally got enough money to buy a second-user 9x12 Intuos Tablet and Pen. The menu strip has gone and the transparent overlay needs replacing.

    So I went to the company's main website (USA?) and found an 'OnLine Shop' which has all these spares, at great prices. But lo and behold, Wacom will not ship their spares outside the USA. They don't say why.

    The link to the supposed European spares-sellers does not work. When I eventually found a way to reach a Wacom website in Germany, I found the English-language switch on the website is only half-done, as all the feedback messages come back in German language and I could not understand what was going on.

    I resorted to send an email, only to learn that, "..Unfortunately it is true, that the European Online Shop does not sell any spare parts by now." Huh?

    So where do Wacom's customers go now?

    If you have, or are considering a Wacom product, please email their customer support to demand they sell to Europe from their On-Line Shop, we pay the same, often much more for the same products in Europe as Americans and we deserve equal after-sales support. PLEASE DO THIS -THEY WILL NOT CHANGE WITHOUT A PROTEST!

    Their email link is at:

    Sorry my first posting seems so negative, but Wacom just got me mad.

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    I agree - I came across this problem with a 6 x 8 tablet which I wanted to get a new cover sheet for. Unfotunately this sort of thing not only applies to Wacom but Adobe,Corel,Microsoft etc.

    If you are desparate you could ask if anyone in the US would buy it for you and send it. You could pay via Paypal.



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      I found the USA dealer at: | Authorized Dealer since 1997 for professional video-editing, graphics and animation software and hardware, including Wacom, NewTek, Maxon

      to be very good to deal with and the USPS postage to the UK is very reasonable.

      I still urge European Wacom users to criticize Wacom USA to get their USA On-Line Shop to sell to Europe. After all if another USA dealer can do this, then so should they.

      Wacom have emailed me saying they use a different business 'model' for Europe. That's as far as their explanation goes. Well it stinks...


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        Wacom USA just aren't getting it...Sheesh... see the link to my complaint with their excuses) at

        Am I missing something here or what?


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          Whats the problem with CEB-Hamburg, they have an shop site in English.


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