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    I just replyed to Dougs thread on what system everyone is using now. I started thinking about the first system that I used for photo editng and wondered how I ever managed to get anything done with that dinosaur. It was an IBM. pent1 166mhz. 64 mgs of ram and a 2.5 gb hard drive and i ran photoshop 5.5 on it. my Question is what was your first photo editing system?

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    Dell laptop, P2 750 Mhz, 512kb RAM, 6GB hard disk, Adobe Photo Deluxe 2.0. Tried Corel PhotoPaint 10, but it was very, very buggy. Then threw in the towel and got PS 5.5. Glad (now) I did.


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      I can't remember the name of the computer, but this is funny... I'm pretty sure I bought it at Sears. It didn't have Windows, but rather a program called Geoworks. Apparently Windows hadn't taken hold yet.


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        My first photo editing system was the Kodak Premier back in 1990. It was a dedicated Hi end Retouching machine. We had a Mac running beside it that was a Quadra 950 running Photoshop 2 I think. Now they were slow. I remember on the premier it used to post process the image so you would do the work and then stick it in a processing Q and it would do the number crunching, that gave us many chances to spend a lot of time in the pub next door. Fun times from what I can remember.

        Laters Lex.


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          Mac IICX
          80MB hard disk
          Syquest removable disk drive
          SuperMac 19" Trinitron
          SuperMac Thunder/24 Graphics card
          PS 2.1

          ... I think


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            One moment... I've forgotten the model... It's down in the basement...

            Mac LC 475
            25MHz 68040 (same as the first NeXT I think)
            Max 36MB RAM
            I replaced the original (120?) disk with a 300MB
            HP ScanJet IIcx that came with ... Taraaaaaa......!
            Photoshop 2.5 LE

            I actually bought an Apple 17" for it - 1024*768, not bad :-)

            LC 475 introduced 1993.10.21 at $900; discontinued 1996.07.15
            so I must have bought it in 1994 I guess.


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              my Question is what was your first photo editing system

              A 8X loop and a light table..