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Is that taps I hear - scanner is dead

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  • Is that taps I hear - scanner is dead

    I have an Epson Perfection 1650 Scanner. The last time I used it, it worked fine. I haven't used it for a while, but I dragged it out last night to set it up on my old iMac to get it ready to move over to the grandkids.

    Downloaded the drivers, first scan worked fine. Then it went dead. I had it sitting on the living-room floor among some other peripherals and I think the cord got pulled out. I yanked on the cord but it was stuck on something so of course I yanked harder until I finally pulled it loose and plugged it all back in again.

    Now it will only work when it wants to - which isn't very often.

    Have I angered it? Are the cords that delicate that I might have pulled them loose??

    For Sale: Epson Perfection 1650 scanner

    Any advice greatly appreciated, Margaret

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    Does the power light stay on? If it goes on and off by itself (whenever it wants to scan) its probably hosed. If it stays on then the problem is probably between the scanner and the computer. Did you yank on the computer connector cable?

    Look at the bright side: it's an excuse to buy one of the many cool new scanners out there
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      All the lights go out on their own. If I fiddle with the cables I can get them to come back on but as soon as I try to scan, they go out and stay out.

      I was hoping to pass this one on to the kids - they might have fun with it, but I guess it's dead.

      I did buy myself a new HP all in one wireless - but haven't taken it out of the box yet. I don't know if it's justified. A lot of money for the amount of printing I actually do. I do like the wireless though because my laptop is wireless and that means the peripherals can be tucked away in the storage room.

      Are there better options for me, I'm all ears,



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        I wireless scanner? Is it infrared or wifi or some other technology? Sounds fascinating, I'd love to hear how it works (and how well it works).
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        Take responsibility for learning


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          Hi Margaret,

          I am a bit late in responding here, I hope you solved the problem...

          When you yanked on the cables you might have pulled a wire loose inside the cable on the connector side. I am not familar with the Epson, does it have a seperate AC power pack and a USB cable?

          It may be the power pack cable. I used to repair consumer electronics and the weak link is the power connector and jack inside the scanner. They get flexed and moved quite a bit and finally wear out.



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            Hi John, yes, alas, I gave it the heave-ho and replaced it with one of the HP all-in-one's that seem to be everywhere this year. I actually bought a wireless one that had slots for all the different kinds of media etc, but it was a bit pricey and I couldn't justify the cost so I returned it and got a printer/scanner/copier for $88 that works like a charm.

            I think that wireless one would have been fun, but just more than I could afford.

            Take care, Margaret


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              That woman doesnt know her own strength!


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