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    Hello All!

    I recently repaired a friends HP 5370C scanner. When testing it I found out it does a much better job than my Microtech scanner (6000 series) The detail and color accuracy is superior.

    I am looking to update my flat bed scanner. I have a PC system with USB ports. I would like something that has better resolution and color accuracy. The Epson Perfection 4870 looks interesting.

    Scanning negatives does not matter because I have a dedicated film scanner.

    If Anyone has suggestions, I would appreciate it.

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    Found the basic information I needed elsewhere......I thought this was a discussion forum. 76 views and not one person can recommend a good scanner?
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      Well jjhannon the drum scanners from ICG are pretty good, but I have a strange feeling they may be a bit too good for what you're looking for - but at least I recommended some!

      I have had good results with the Epson Perfection series of scanner, but I'm not sure if they are good enough for what you want....?


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        Found the basic information I needed elsewhere......I thought this was a discussion forum. 76 views and not one person can recommend a good scanner?
        did you try searching through the messages in this forum?

        This may be a useful thread for you to look at.


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          Saw your post, but had nothing constructive to contribute, sorry you felt snubbed, not the experience I've had here.


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