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    Hi all - I am tired of having monitor display and prints look so different. Have tried following the Adobe gamma instructions with my Planar LCD monitor and Canon S9000 printer, but have not had success. I am beginning to think I am color correction challenged. Was hoping to get feedback on hardware and/or software products (eye-one, spyder or other application) members have tried and found beneficial and improved their display/printing productivity, or those products that did not live up to expectations. Considering a CRT monitor if that would help. Not worried about spending some money on this HOBBY, but hubby says we are not rich even if we still have checks in the check book at the end of the month! I say it is a great hobby and helping me keep my sanity, so think of this investment as periodic (instead of weekly) therapy.
    Thanks, Debby

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    I would definitely get a CRT. I use a Samsung 191T flat panel with a Sony Trinitron. I do my reading and keep palettes and stuff on the flat panel and my images on the CRT. The flat panel is contrasty and doesn't render subtle differences in tone very well. I've had color charts where the flat panel simply didn't display some of the colors the CRT did.

    I use Adobe Gamma and Adobe PS soft proofing with an Epson 2200 and the display is pretty close to the print but I still have to proof with prints when color correction and matching are critical. Buying paper and ink in bulk helps.



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      Thanks Chip

      Appreciate your advice on purchasing a CRT monitor. Guess I will try that option first since the cost of monitors have dropped so much with LCDs. Need to go and do some investigative work to decide on which 19-20" monitor to buy. Debby


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        I agree with Chip; you need a CRT. I have a very nice LCD, but it just doesn't cut it for any work with color.

        As for software, I've color calibrated my monitors using MonacoEZColor -- without a colorimeter -- just by eye and it's come out pretty good so far. Once I have enough cash, I'm going to get the colorimeter, so things should be much more precise.

        I have also used a Pantone Spyder and accompanying software once, but wasn't too happy with the results. But another one of my friends loves it.


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