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Nikon CoolScan V ED Film Scanner??

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  • Nikon CoolScan V ED Film Scanner??

    My brother is looking into a filmscanner, and has been looking at the Nikon CoolScan V ED. Anyone have any experience with this scanner they would be willing to share?

    Thanks for your input!

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    using LS4000


    I have using the Nikon LS4000 scanner, although on a limited basis. I have gotten very good results with it. I finalize the images in PhotoShop.

    Nikon's tech support is excellent. I had used the scanner for over three years on a laptop. When I went to use the scanner on my desk top, the PCI ieee 1394 firewire card was defetive. Nikon eventually replaced the card when all other attempts to obtain one failed.

    I believed that the Coolscan V is usb, so you sould not have any of my problems.



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      Alan, thanks for your input. I spoke with my brother just the other day and he is going with the Nikon. I just bought a new flatbed scanner (Epson 4870) and he thought about going with that instead if it did a good job on negatives/film. I scanned some 35mm negs for him to give him an idea of it's capabilities. While impressed with the output, the slower speed of the flatbed vs. the film scanner helped him decide. It can be so tough making decisions, and having independent input is a big help! Thanks again.


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