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  • Downloadable sample RAW files

    Does anyone know of any sites where we can download RAW files in the various native digital camera formats? I've looked on the Nikon site, Canon site, etc., but can't find any downloadable RAW images (they might not end with .raw, I know).
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    I can supply you with Nikon,Canon and Olympus .raw files Doug.


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      RAW files


      The Canon RAW files, well, actually 2 per picture, end in .CRW & .THM.

      As an example...the .CRW file from one of my pics is 7,880KB while the .THM file is 11KB.

      I can provide some Canon ones if you'd like.


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        Am I right in thinking the .thm is a thumbnail file?


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          Chris, thanks for the wide variety of images for me to test. Do you own all those various makes of cameras?
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            Yes I've quite a collection including the Canon S70 I won last month.


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              Re: Downloadable sample RAW files

              you will find raw-files on my raw-filearchive "". actually there are over 45 camera-brands collected and if you have a file I don't have so far, then please send it to me (look at my website for further informations).



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                Re: Downloadable sample RAW files

                An excellent resource, thank you.
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