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  • digi camera for landscape

    Trying to choose a moderate price digi camera for landscape photos. Actually for my son who travels a lot. Want some manual control.

    have been looking at some 10X optical zoom models. Does anyone have experience with camera shake? Some models talk about this:
    "Anti-Shake function provides a highly effective way to deal with camera shake - a major cause of substandard images, especially with telephoto shots and when shooting in dim lighting"
    Is this very important?

    There is an Olympus C-765 ultra zoom and a
    Konica Minolta - Dimage Z3
    that I have been reading about.

    Thanks for any first hand opinions.

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    I have the Panasonic DMC-FZ20, and I'm pretty well pleased with it. It has a 12X optical zoom, plus 4X digital zoom. The anti-shake technology actually works! This is a 5 MP camera, and you can find it on sale (with rebates) for little over $500.00.

    BUT, if you're looking for a camera for landscapes, you might be better off with a wider lens. I strongly considered the Olympus C-5060, but I found too many instances online where people had problems with them that completely rendered the camera useless until repaired. I think it was in the range of $500 - $600.00 too.



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      I have the Fujifilm S5500, this has a 10x zoom and to be honest, as long as you know how to use your camera, anyone can produce stunning landscapes, personally i have a lot to learn in this area, but as an amateur i cannot afford the more expensive models nor provide any justifiation just yet. The price range varies from country to country but try to avoid buying online if possible, and if you have too, make sure it is from a reputable company. Prices will vary so a little searching online will help you there. is a great resource site and definately worth a visit.

      With regards to the camera shake problem, a tripod will help resolve that problem, again this is down to correct usage of the camera and equipment.


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        This is a great site for info on all types of digital cameras.


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          I personally prefer digicam that have lens starts at 28 mm or less (35 mm film format) to cover widen view. If you consider to get super zoom (10x or more), please check whether this digicam is provided for add-on lens.
          Most of these digicam lens are started at 38 mm and not ideal for landscape phothography.