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  • Worshipping False Gods!

    A friend has purchased a used Imac, the version with all the componentry built into the monitor casing not the one with the TFT emerging from a dome base.
    The beast works but being a PC user its new ground to me. He asked me to set up an internet connection on it but keep getting a error message listed as number 14. The quality of the monitor is so bad I cant see many RP members actually using one of these things but I wonder if anybody can point me to a list of error codes for the above.


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    Chris, Chris, Chris, thou speakest foul!

    False Gods indeed!

    I have to agree with you though, the monitor on that beast is probably bad compared to your Rolls-Royce monitor, but aside from that, the iMac (notice the correct spelling ) should be usable as an internet browser.

    Getting an internet connection set up should be pretty simple assuming that he is able to do a clean install of the operating system - he got the original system disks when he bought the computer didn't he?? If he didn't, he needs to make a call and get them.

    It's pretty hard to tell what "error 14" might mean without knowing more about that version of the OS he's running and what state it's in at the time the error occurs.

    It might just be a settings thing.

    I would recommend a call to the help desk at his ISP as a first line of inquiry. When I was over there in August, my PowerBook refused to connect to the broadband in my brother's flat so with sinking heart, I called the ISP, thinking I would be giving the "we don't support Macs" run-around that we get over here, but to my surprise, the agent was most helpful and I was up and running in no time.

    If you don't get any assistance that way, let me know and I'll see if I can find out more about your 'error 14'

    Take care, Margaret


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      I've no idea how current this is, but according to this you have "Cards could not be initialized. or dsIOCoreErr: IO Core Error"

      This site is probably current, and agrees.
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Thanks both and for the error 12 definition Doug, just as cryptic as Windows!

        Margaret I'm afraid I was trying to do an install on a mchine that has been set up on the net previously. No doubt the original owner has flushed out his data but I think there's some old connectivity files fouling up my attempted install. I could have sorted it in minutes with a PC but alas the Mac is a maze of new expressions, "chooser" ? I left my friend scratching his head over the beast in Edinburgh but I'm home now. He works in a big government dept so I suggested he advertise on their intranet for a guru who can tame the beast. Failing that it looks like a trip to the Mac shop in the city.

        I'm not quite sure what size the screen was but after a 22" CRT it was like looking through a letterbox!


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          In 20+ years of using Macs, I've never looked up an error code!

          Those codes are for the engineers who program right on the metal and day to day Mac users NEVER see them.

          In the case of this second-hand Mac, the person who sold it did a bad job of preparing it for sale and should be chained to a corrupted windoze machine for at least 6 months or until he figures out how to remove all the spyware, adware and virii without the assistance of Norton or spykillers

          People like him give Macs a bad name!

          I suspect that reinstalling the system will sort out all the problems and your friend will be on-line in minutes. I've set up dozens of Macs both new and used and getting on-line is always a simple matter of plugging in an Ethernet cable, a phone line or picking a wireless network. There is no *work* involved.

          Hopefully he'll find a guru at work who can help him or the local Mac shop will sort it for him.

          Take care, Margaret


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            Just as a matter of interest, what were you trying to "install"



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              I was trying to install or 'open' a simple dial up connection so he can have an e-mail service as well as browsing facilities etc. He's not computer savvy but being a doctor he could well afford a decent PC instead of messing about with a bottom end Mac. I hate it when friends present one with a box out of the blue and expect you to breathe life into the beast.


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                Well as a Mac user, I hate to hear about a bad experience like this. There is no reason why a used iMac couldn't continue to provide good service for many years yet, but a badly corrupt one in the hands of a novice user leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

                We had a similar experience last spring. My Mom got it in her head that the computer I had given her wasn't working "right" - a euphemism for her self-imposed guilt over accepting this freely offered gift - so we were on a quest for a different computer. The brand new iMac wasn't "right" either, so we opted for a second-hand one that she could pay for herself.

                Well when the second-hand iMac arrived, it was so badly configured by the chap who sold it to us - a self-proclaimed "Mac expert" - that it took me days to get it working so it was usable let alone useful

                Macs are easy, are they easier or better than Windows? I don't know. I use both and each serves a useful purpose. Neither is a false gawd.

                Take care, Margaret (who is glad to live in the middle of the prairies with nary an ocean in sight, nor the financial means to get to one)


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                  If it were (was?) a PC with a similar error code, I'd first try reseating all the cards. This actually happened to me about 6 months ago, installing a new audio card I accidentally nudged the video card. It makes sense in retrospect, but at the time I was completely baffled why my system wouldn't boot until Gateway support told me to reseat all my cards, memory, etc.
                  Learn by teaching
                  Take responsibility for learning


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                    Margaret I've no doubt a little caressing by one adept in the ways of the Mac would have the device working in no time. With hindsight it would probably have been better to re-install the OS and start on clear ground as you stated earlier.


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                      You're probably right Doug. But since the only thing you can get at in a "bubble" iMac is the hole where you can add memory or an Airport card, if that error is an indication of a mis-seated component, that iMac needs to go back to it's previous owner and he needs to be beaten with a used keyboard.

                      I get really ticked when someone abuses a Mac



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                        Got the news from Edinburgh today that the errant Mac surrendered and is now subserviant to it's master. In other words a mutual friends Mac savvy 18 year old daughter arrived with some heavy artillery and sorted it out via a reinstall of the operating system (v8.2 ?) and some hard copy ISP info supplied by myself. He's now got an Internet/e-mail connection at home and she went away with an unexpected £50 tip. Everybodies happy.


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                          If I had known there was money involved, I would have tried harder

                          Glad it got sorted!

                          Alas, my own troubles are just beginning and I'm soon being forced to move to a Window machine while my trusty PowerBook goes in for repairs.

                          I can't think what happened to it. I just opened it up the other morning and the track pad refused to work. External mouses (mice) wouldn't work either and my trusty Wacom Graphire 3 tablet saved me from total despair.

                          A day on the phone with Apple tech people revealed that for another $650 CAD I could talk to them for free for another 2 years beyond the existing 1 year of free talking to them and after following their advice of zapping the PRAM, I should schlepp the computer over to the local repair shop and let them have a look at it.

                          The computer will likely require major surgery so I'm frantically sorting through the detritus of the past several years trying to decide what is worth preserving. Image files can be transferred to the Windows machine, but most of the rest wouldn't survive the move

                          Maybe the problem will be bad enough that Apple will just replace it - yeh right!

                          Take care, Margaret


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                            How old is your powerbook M?


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                              It's only 6 months old - still under warranty - but fixing it is going to be a long involved process I'm afraid.

                              This problem is due to heat I think and I'm afraid the internal organs have welded themselves together causing strange behavior when I try to type or use the trackpad.

                              I had a bad feeling about this machine when I took it out of the box. It's had a hex on it from the getgo. When the dude in the store was putting the sale through he did something wrong and Mastercard voided the transaction and temporarily suspended my card - that was a sign of bad things to come and I should have heeded it

                              I really think my best course of action is to get a new iBook and when this one gets repaired, sell it on eBay or leave it on a park bench or something. I know I'd be much happier.

                              emailing has been difficult the past few days. This morning things seem to be working better so I'm trying to get caught up

                              Take care, Margaret


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