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  • Chris h:Re USB rats and stuff

    I use my optical mouse in the ps/2 config also--I really dont see much advantage to USB rodents although I am sure there must be some. The saga of the SCSI scanner continues---finally had to completely erase my hard drive, and am in the process of reformating , installing a new video card with s-video input and all the rest of the fun stuff that goes along with that sort of thing. I dont think the SCSI card is bad as just before I loaded the USB drivers for the Digital stereo microscope I had used the Minolta to scan in 20 or so color slides from the 1960's and it worked fine. After loading the drivers and installing the associated software for the 'scope, all H**L broke loose. Nothing would work. Windows would repeatedly lock up, refuse to load, all sorts of bad things. When I finally got in touch with the folks who market the software, I was kindly informed that the USB drivers conflicted with other USB devices, there is no fix, the next version of the "scope will only offer S-video input to the computer. Very nice of them to share that info only After you buy the equipment. Anyhow, switching to s-video input will solve the problem and the signal quality should be better. The 'scope has a built in digital camera and is fantastic for catching small details in photos as well as for identifying the type of photo--albumin, gelatin etc. As a side benifit it works very well for grabbing a photo of a very small area at between 30 -60 x and then printing--no pixelation etc. Will post some images when the dust settles. I would advise that if you run across any equipment using Motic2000 software or drivers, be VERY careful of it. My experience has not been positive! I shall now step out back and howl terrible oaths at a rather disinterested sky. Tom

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    Sounds like I'm not the only one ready to pull hairs out over these exasperating machines. The ultimate computer of the future will not only have self diagnostics but self repair also. Dream on hey?


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      Sorry to hear about the trouble both of you are experiencing. It almost makes me afraid to turn my computer on! I can visualize myself putting a $10.00 piece of hardware or software in my computer and wind up paying a big buck for someone to fix it!



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        I just keep reminding myself that computers make life easier, or so I have been told. Finally got everything up and running at 3am this morning--now for the "shake down" period. Scanner is working fine and other than the usual Win 98 stuff, all is well--so far. If you add equipment, try to find out from the mfg. ,dealer or from reviews if there are any known conflicts with other pieces of equipment or software.(Providing they will tell you-if you sense any evasiveness--be very cautious of buying whatever it is you are looking at). Tom


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          The above saga has been repeated over here many times with a slightly different cast ! A memorable crash being brought about by a simple driver for a Brother laser printer, luckily my bacon was saved by a Zip disc backup. I think the potential for a catastrophic crash is heightened at every install of new software.
          I’ve seen the digital microscope you mentioned Tom on sale over here, looked interesting , be interested to see the posts. At least system re-installs consign all the gash files and fragments that gum up the works to that black hole whose furnaces are forevever stoked by the codewriters of Win 98SE !!!


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            It gets even worse if you pieced your own computer together. Who you gonna call then? Certainly not Ghostbusters even if you suspect paranormal activity going on in the works. I know our machine is hexed. After we had a new machine being mailed, this one started up again. (With bugs of course)
            As agravating as it is to software manufacturers that Microsoft made them conform to certain peramaters, I think it should be like that all through. It sure would make mixing and matching alot easier. And Plug and Play would no longer be refered to as Plug and Pray.


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              I really don't want to know about all of this stuff. I just got a new 60G hard drive and had the smarts to read the instructions before blindly installing it. Turns out I have to get a BIOS upgrade - have to replace the actual chip in my motherboard once it comes (another 5 days.) Meanwhile, my PS scratch files keep filling up my current hard drive. ARGH!! Anyway, I read through the FAQ on the BIOS manufacturer's site and am getting cold feet. Seems they answered every question that could possiby go wrong with the install. I have to wonder if any actually worked the first time?!? Sigh. Don't have much choice - but you can be sure I'm backing up like crazy!!

              Oh, and DJ, sounds like Ghostbusters may be just what you need!



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                I think so too Jeanie. Now we are just praying the monitor behaves itself. We can't afford anymore surprises. Did I mention the printer (Cannon, not Epson thank God) just died too? Has to be spiritual or Murphy's Law is working overtime.

                Any progress exorcising your computer problems yet?



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                  So far so good. I run two hard drives-one just for the operating system and programs, the other for data storage so once the "operating system" drive had been properly thrashed and severely spoken to and the misc. software,drivers,etc. reinstalled, everything is up and running. I added an ATI "All-In-Wonder 128 Pro" graphics card to allow for the input of S-video and composit video signals, hooked up the "scope and everything works flawlessly, and the captured photos are of a much better quality than previously. Additionally, they can be saved in about 4 different formats--nice. Even the SCSI scanner is behaving itsself. Spooky, very spooky. Just waiting now for the proverbial other shoe to drop.(See expanded discussion of card under "HARDWARE" listing, ATI All-In-Wonder 128 Pro video card thread.) Tom
                  Last edited by thomasgeorge; 11-14-2001, 04:10 PM.


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                    T, Glad to see you’ve got your operating system back in the cage ! I had a memorable joust with an Ati card some years ago, the battle went on for some days until a call from the supplier told us the drivers were sewage. I reverted to Matrox and lived happily ever after.
                    I’ve a great deal of sympathy for people who have to rely on component suppliers for back up, most are (over here) useless. I have two very large component suppliers near me who are mail order but will supply callers and their prices are excellent. The trade off is they are geared to supply pro builders and don’t have a lot of time for one offs, why should they be, as long as their item is OK they’ve fulfilled their part of the bargain..
                    I used to tell friends to avoid mail order and pay a little extra to buy local and have backup nearby but I’m having second thoughts after seeing some of the machines supplied.
                    Over here some ‘complete’ machine suppliers have a very good reputation, these include Dell and Panrix which are US based, Gateway has packed its bags. But it’s difficult for even the most adept technician to solve problems over the phone.
                    I’m lucky enough to know somebody who actually likes battling with these infernal devices, a steady stream of Islay malt whisky or Jameson Irish whiskey and he’s in heaven. One advantage of the XP OS is that you can ‘move back’ to a state prior to a corrupted install.
                    As a finale let me say that in about 10 years of computer bashing and building interjected with bouts of apoplexy 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999%
                    of problems have been software based.


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                      USB devices have always given me good service--except for the "scope. I understand that certain Digital cameras with USB connection capability dont play well with USB Mouse software or Wacom tablets but are fine if the adapter is used to config. to PS/2 connection. Again, in light of the potential conflicts the USB Rats can be involved in, I really think sticking with PS/2 is the best for now. Tom


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