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ATI"All-In-Wonder 128 Pro" video card

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  • ATI"All-In-Wonder 128 Pro" video card

    For those looking to get into the "frame grabbing" game, this video card is well worth taking a look at. Priced around $198.00, it is not exactly cheap but the features it offers and the user friendly software which come with it are definately worth the expense. This card is 32 bit and allows for audio input/output as well as S-video in/out and composit video in/out. It comes with all cables and such things, is simple to install and takes about 30 min. use to master the features, which are impressive for an item of its function vs cost. It allows for the input and capture of individual photos from a video source as well as the capture and storage of mpeg -2 motion video. Single "grabbed" frames may be stored in tif,targa,jpeg,Zsoft pcx,O/S 2 bmp and bmp formats ( 8 or 24 bit)from the software interface. Auto storage is an option as well, the photo being given a sequential number and stored in a file of your choosing. Output is to TV, VCR via the above mentioned in/out modes.It also offers TV-On-Demand and an interactive program guide, neither of which I have used, thus cannot speak on their benifits, drawbacks, etc. Conflicts with other devices donot seem to be a problem. Over-all this seems to be a nice,stable piece of hardware, for those needing the features it offers. Tom