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  • Trust 1200 Tablet

    I was looking to buy my better half a tablet for christmas as she's an arty type (unlike myself). I checked around for some reviews and these wona couple of awards in magazines and seemed well reviewed and reasonably priced for their size. I now wish Id gone with another product as the pen seems to have packed up after initially being schitzy and now totally dead. On their corporate website they dont sell their own product and have no spares, and as the reseller was found on ebay I'm in a bit of a quandry as to what to do. I know nothing whatsoever about tablets, so I was just wondering if any of you knew of a spare pen that would be compatible with the Trust 1200, or even a site that sells a Trust 1200 spare pen.

    Thanks in advance for any solution.

    Dan Barker

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    I know that with the more popular Wacom, the price of a replacement pen is almost as much as the unit itself, so to be fair, you might be better off buying another tablet and having the one you have now as a backup spare.

    Unfortunately i searched ebay and google and found nothing that offered replacement pens.



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