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  • cheap tablet?

    Ok, here's the thing. I'm simply dying to get a Wacom tablet. Unfortunately, I can't rationalize to myself spending the money to get the 9x12 Intuos3 I really want. Or even the Intuos2 I'd love to have.
    Is it worth looking for refurbished, or do they not wear well? Also, how easy is it to do detailed painting with a smaller tablet?


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    I use an Intuos 2 6 x 8 tablet and it is fine even on very small detail. I dont think I would want a larger one as the amount of movement required would be that much greater. A tablet is definitely worth the investment - can't say about re-furbished but if they have a warranty they should be OK.



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      work with intuos2 6*8 and find it lot better then 9*12 that is used by some other guys at work. may be a little harder to find but check out ebay and local internet auction sites for intuos2 tablets.

      i personally do up to 15 restorations a day and with clicking the mouse, my finger goes numb, tablet is the way to go.


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        I hav just purchased recently a 4x5 Wacom Graphire 2 from the Wacom Europe site, they have refurbished models, like mine, and i could not tell the difference between new and refurbished. It came with all the software unopened, and a full warrenty.....

        So far i have no complaints.

        With regards to your question about detailed images....just because it is smaller is not going to affect your work, if just means you have to slightly adapt to a small working area, thats all. I know many people that prefer the smaller versions as they give you less strain ( if any ) in your lower arm.


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