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  • I need a tablet

    I have a PC and dual monitor setup and I am looking to purchase a tablet to use with photoshop. Does anyone know of a good one at a fair price that I can use with both monitors without splitting up the tablet to use for each monitor. I would like a 6x9 tablet. I hope I explained myself well.

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    I just got a Wacom Grapire tablet and I love it
    I thought I would not like the 4x5 but the larger one was out of my price range. (99USD vs 169USD)
    I came in a pack with a cordless mouse, which I find really handy for things where I have not quite got control over the stylus yet.

    Hope that helps


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      I have a wacom Pen Partner 4x5 CT tablet ... but half of it is used for the other monitor. So my tablet for each moitor is 2.5" wide by 4 inches high. Is there another tablet that will allow me to work with 2 monitors on one tablet or do I need to buy a bigger tablet. Does anyone know what I am talking about?


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        I have twin monitors which are set up to perform as one large screen area.
        The 8x6 Wacom Intuos tablet is calibrated to allow me to move seemlessly from one monitor to the other and the tablet size is ideal for my desk. I couldn't possble go back to using a mouse - not precise enough.