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  • Wacom Cintiq Pen Tablet

    I've just added the Wacom Cintiq to my workstation. Has anyone here had any experiences (good or bad) that would cut the learning curve for me??

    For anyone who isn't familiar with the product, here is the web site:

    Jim Conway
    Timemark Photo Conservators

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    <waves of intense jealousy>
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      Wow, I like!!! It's the first I've seen it and I'm jealous too. I have the Intous tablet and I love it. You will have to let us know how you like the Cintiq.


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        Originally posted by DJ Dubovsky
        Wow, I like!!! It's the first I've seen it and I'm jealous too. I have the Intous tablet and I love it. You will have to let us know how you like the Cintiq.
        Too bad one or both of you are not on the West Coast so you could drop in and try this thing. I've never done well with computer retouching and was looking for something with the look / feel of the Adams Retouching Machine (know what that is?) that we have used for years for conventional negative retouching. Side by side they even look somewhat alike!

        Maybe it'll work for me - at least now I can stop trying to look up at a screen and down at a blank tablet at the same time.

        There is another version of it - on the Sony Viao. The Sony Pen Tablet is a "built-in" computer package with not much for a computer. Great for a test run though! I saw the Sony at Circuit City, then ran down the info on it and found the screen was made by Wacom, so opted for buying from them.

        Without much "pen" experience" here, I'll probably be some time learning how to make the most of it but first results are promising's a lot more "normal" than anything I've tried to date. Now if they will just make an airbrush for it ---

        Jim Conway
        Timemark Photo Conservators


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          I actually DO know what an Adams retouching machine is. You'll have to invert your images to negative and maybe set the tablet on your electric razor (while it's on) to get the entire simulated effect

          Using a pen, any pen tablet, is a breeze once you've overcome the parallax problem of working with your hand down here while your eyes are looking up here. But you won't even have that problem, since your hand is working directly on your image.
          Learn by teaching
          Take responsibility for learning


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            Now that looks to be a real good piece of equipment. I can only dream of something like that. When I was young, my brother in law was doing a lot of retouching for studios. I'm pretty sure he used the Adams retouching machine. As I remember, it was black with a light source inside and had a magnifying glass on a goose neck. Funny story about that. He used to enter competitions nationwide, and he won first place three years in a row. When his son got married, he began teaching his daughter in law how to retouch. She hadn't been doing it very long, but he wanted her to enter the competition just to see how she would do. She came in first, and he came in second. I didn't want to start a new thread, but thought you might get a kick out of that one.



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