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  • Burners.

    Does any body have any strong views on CDr burners ? Plextor seem to be popular over here but I’m wondering if anybody has used a Yamaha model. The 24x Plextor comes with a battery of software but not sure what burning software is shipped with the Yam. I usually use Nero for burning but am told the Adaptec burning ware has improved, think the names been changed though ?

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    The Plextor 24x has the best reputation. I believe the TDK is next, though it doesn't do as well with raw duplication. Anything with "BurnPruf" is good. Personally, I'm holding out for the Plextor.

    Adaptec EZ-CD is now Roxio, and only the lite version comes with the Plextor. Possibly the only bad mark I've ever heard about it.
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      The TDK is getting good reviews over here though the 24x models all come in at the same price point. Roxio, thats the name, I understand they make the Go Back software Tom mentioned.

      Have you any comparison sites for burners you could point me at. There used to be one called Peters Hardware but can't find it at the moment.


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        (sensing a theme here?)

        I just glanced at these sites, they seem big and opinionated. I, like you, can't seem to remember my regular site. The memory wasn't the first to go, but I forget what was.
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        Take responsibility for learning


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          Is that all !


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            The site was very 'in depth' half of their tests went straight over my head ! However the Plextor seems to be the horse I'll put my money on.


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              I bought a Pacific Digital (Lite-On) 24X10X40 at Sams club (USA) for $129.00 and now there $99.00!! It works great and is very fast. I have burned LOTS of CD's and have had NO problems reading them in any other drives.

              For $99.00 at a LOCAL store you can't beat it. I love having a CD done in 5 minutes or less!!

              Paul Rupp


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                Well I got a Plextor 24x burner and its working fine. However under 98 it burns up to 24 speed but when running under XP it only gives a maximum burn option of 12x. I'm using Nero(Latest) for burning. I seem to remember having a problem like this a while ago but can't remember the simple solution. Any clues please.


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                  Go to the manufactures page and download the latest service patch. It should then see that you have a 24X burner in XP


                  Paul Rupp


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                    Problem solved, Nero is selecting my old burner which is still installed but alas can't select the Plextor as the default device. However at least I now know that I'll have to pre-select the burner. How Nero selects its default burner isn't clear.


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                      Does anybody use Nero burning software on 'the fly' i.e. cd drive as source direct to burner ?


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                        I have Nero but I haven't successfully used "on the fly" yet. ( the first time I tried I got an error message and I haven't tried it again yet) I'm using an LG 16X10X40 CD-RW drive. the guy at the computer store I go to said he's been using an LG burner for 3 years without any problems. (I've burned many CDs and haven't had anything go wrong so far)

                        - David


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                          Chris, for fear of sounding like a I go You probably already know this..... When I installed my cd burner (plextor) I had the option on the back to set the master / slave pin...I chose master and my program always chooses it first.


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