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    I'm having serious problems with my printer/ink setup, which I hope someone can advise me on. My printer is an Epson 1160 and up until very recently, I have been using Epson cartridges - all fine and dandy. HOWEVER, now that one cartridge costs about the same as a small car (thanks to our plummeting currency), I have been forced to try alternatives, i.e. the dreaded generic, so-called "compatible" inks. Oh, horror of horrors!! The results are terrible - prints fade and colours change within weeks.

    Has anyone else had such shocking results from compatible inks, or have I just picked a bad make? This one was "Longbow" (no idea where they operate from, but my local computer supply co. stocked them) and a shipment of even cheaper "Print-rite" (Korean?) cartridges has just arrived, which I'm now regretting having bought.

    Does anyone know of Epson-compatible inks which:-

    a) don't cost the proverbial body parts
    b) don't go psychadelic within hours
    c) can be sourced from reputable dealers who don't mind shipping to Africa?

    Any help gratefully received!!


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    Hi Sam, Wow, I wish I could give you some good news but, alas... I tried the "generic compatable inks" in a couple of flavors and had zero success...just like your experience, fading, poor quality, etc. I have not heard of any inks for the Epson line that work as well as their propriatary ones. I am not sure about shipping costs from the US vs Europe but I do know that in some cases it costs more to ship the item than the actual cost of the item itself. You might try contacting Epson directly and explain your situation...perhaps they could come up with a solution. Good luck...Tom


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      I'm not a fan of "compatibles", except for circumstances where there's no OEM available (like for quadtone printing, etc.). I put a few respected suppliers in the links database, though. Whether they'll ship to Africa, I have no idea, but I believe one is English, which might increase the odds.

      I always thought any company would ship anywhere as long as the client was willing to pay the charges?
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Doug - you'd be surprised how many US companies don't ship outside US ... or even acknowledge the existence of some countries!

        I had been led to believe (by unscrupulous salespeople?) that compatible inks were pretty much on a par with OEM - obviously not quite the case!!

        Sounds like I'll have to re-mortgage the house to buy my next cartridge, then

        Thanks for your replies, tho'



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          Just curious but what do your cartridges cost there Sam?
          I would think that each company keeps their specific ink formulas secret like they would any of their other products so I doubt you are going to get that specific ink unless you buy thier inks. I think we may have started having trouble with our printers after we put compatibles in them. All 3 of our Cannons went bad after we either did the ink refill or bought compatible cartridges. I can't say for sure if they caused it but I have my suspicions. I won't even try it with my Epson 2000.
          Last edited by DJ Dubovsky; 12-12-2001, 09:44 AM.


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            I had a quick look through

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            But couldn't find your model but could have missed it. If you have no luck let me know.


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              DJ - last time I ordered the Epson cartridges they were Z$32,000 for 1 x black and 1 x colour. Using the official bank exchange rate (which nobody does!), that would equate to US$582 ...

              Chris - many thanks for that link. They had Epson carts for my printer, at 14 pounds each, which is very reasonable. I'll have to see what they add on for P&P ...

              Incidentally, does anyone use archival inks and papers and if so, what are they like, are they all they're cracked up to be, where do you get them, etc. etc.???


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                US$582 for two cartridges!!!!!!??!!!!!! I can't even imagine! I can certainly understand you wanting/needing to try compatible inks in those circumstances. I'm sorry that I don't have any advice for you (don't own an Epson yet), but I wish you luck in your search for an affordable solution. -Jeanie


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                  I searched my discount site for printer supplies Sam but they don't ship there unless you buy $1000 worth but at least you would get more than 4 cartridges. Wow, that is just ridiculous!!! Why so much mark up? At any rate my site for cheap Epson cartridges is here I still doubt this site will do you any good. I will search and see if I can find something better that ships your way.

                  Yes, I use the archival inks. They are pigments rather than dyes so they look a bit different but they last far longer than any photo so I go for it. If I want to get them to look closer to the photos you get at the printers, I usually coat them with a photo gloss spray. That also helps protect them too.


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                    Was your cartridge listed as an 1160 or was it a different number ?


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                      DJ - the reason for the huge price is that our currency is being kept at an artificially low rate (55:1), but on the black market, which, since the banks have no foreign currency, is what everone uses, is around 300:1. So suppliers have to cover their replacement costs. Then on top of everything there is duty - not sure what rate for printer cartridges, but some things (like cars) carry a rate of around 135%. It's crazy.

                      Thanks for the link - sadly, it looks like they don't do carts for the 1160.

                      These pigment inks - when you say they look different, like how different? The photo gloss spray sounds like a useful item - I've tried varnishing some of the prints I've used in mixed-media collages, to see how they fare. Something like a spray varnish might work too?

                      Chris - I look for the part number - the carts are the same as for the 760/860.

                      Jeanie - yes, I nearly fell off my chair when I heard the price too. My business is starting not to make economic sense any more ...


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                        Wow, Sam
                        How does one afford to live in such a place? Especially if you like to own a car or electronic equipment. For that price, you could fly to Europe and pick up several cartridges yourself. It's a shame you don't have a decent government there. Wish I knew how to get around that one.


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                          How does the postal system operate especially foreign mail. With Mugabe being such a complete headcase is the stuff especially packages not opened ?


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                            I read recently that something like 20% of all mail into/out of Zimbabwe goes astray ... and one postal worker was discovered with 2,000 letters and packages in his house, which he had stolen, thinking they contained cash!!

                            So, yes, there's always a risk involved - but then, there's not a lot of choice!

                            Completely off the point, I loved the latest speech by Mugabe, during which he made this interesting suggestion: "The British were brought up as a violent people, liars, scoundrels and crooks and I am told that Blair was a troublesome little boy at school. So we cannot have reasonable dialogue with such people."

                            It would be funny if it weren't so depressing ...


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                              The price you have to pay for ink is absolutely crazy! There is an Epson mailing list available from if you are interested. There are a lot of very informed folks there who are there to help. It might be worth it to sign up for the mailing list, but if you do, it might be smart to sign up for the digest form since the list has a huge membership, and it is very busy. I've seen a lot of talk on there about "Generation" inks, and I *think* they are generally thought of as being very good. Also, someone (I can't remember who) posted a link recently that pertains to the Epsons. There is a lot of good information on there, and there is a link to "Generations" inks, as well as others. In case you missed it, here's the link:
                              Best of luck to you in finding something suitable.



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