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    ok, it's almost Christmas and I want you to imagine that Santa has decided that you deserve the best computer and accessories money can buy. All you have to do is tell him what you want, money is no object, you've been very, very good this year. So what would you choose and why? It's good to dream isn't it?

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    Well, heck if Santa is paying for this the here goes. I would like alot more RAM, maybe a gig or more and another hard drive about 100 gigs, then I would like a good CD rewriter and my choice of software packages, another printer and an adapter to my scanner to do larger transparancies. I already got the new computer due to technical difficulties but now it needs some new upgrades. Oh yeah, how about a laptop too while I'm at it. You did say it was no holds barred on the expenses. Oh this is fun, now if I could win the lottery and make it all come true.


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