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  • Noisy Microtek X6

    I have a three-year-old Microtek X6 that is starting to show some odd-colored vertical lines and a lot more noise than it
    used to, or maybe I'm getting more picky. Has anyone else noticed this kind of behavior?

    It's my feeling that maybe I have a few pixel rows starting to fade, and the noise is possibly coming from having been transported so often---I even dragged it on a plane to Iowa once to capture some old family photos. Next time I'll just buy a new one while there, this one cost $89 and was dusty as hell by the time I got it there, and the jostling could be why it's acting odd now. Could also be dirty mirrors inside, I'll check that out tonight.

    It is also my feeling that I need to dump it immediately and buy an Epson 2450, but there may be other motivation
    involved... ;D

    And this right before xmas---I'm restoring some old b/w for xmas framing that I can't really get right because the scans are too noisy! Any advice?

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    If it's ccd damage the lines will appear in exactly the same spot on every scan. I've also heard about this happening due to software conflicts. Have you checked for new driver updates? 3 years old is ancient for a scanner, considering the leaps in recent technology.
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      My Plustek started doing that only on the higher resolutions like 300 and above. That's when I decided it was time to get a new one. Got the Epson Perfection Photo 1650. Love Epson products.

      I guess that would explain the problem with my scanner since it was the same each time.


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        You might check your power cord connection and your input line from scanner to computer to see if both are firmly connected, no loose wires or that sort of thing. However, if the artifacts are showing up in the same place with each scan and the noise is consistant as well, the ccd components are probably close to being shot. There is a technique known as darkfield subtraction which will remove noise but I dont think it can be done with a flatbed scanner, and it is a bit of a pain. Briefly it consists of taking a scan/photo with no light getting to the ccd for the same amount of time your scan/photo will take. The only thing which will show on the first scan is a photo which looks like a snowstorm. This is subtracted from the actual photo/scan. The noise is cancelled out, leaving the "clean" photo. Not difficult with a ccd camera, but for a scanner..... You might also try using the blending options routine in PS, it might be possible to simulate a darkfield subtraction with it. I kinda think the new scanner route is the best, if the finances permit. Good luck, Tom


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          sadly, I am beginning to agree. I got rid of some of the noise by taking the thing halfway apart and cleaning dust particles from the mirrors, but even at 600dpi (the machine is capable of 1200) all scans come out blotchy, "hazy", and "noisy". Unsharp masking is useless, even 75% posterizes areas that appear on the print to be flat color. I also notice a magenta cast, particularly in faces---eyes, lips---that I hadn't noticed before. I think something has gone amiss.

          My vote currently is for the Epson Perfection 2450, all I need now is... $400.


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