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    Hello Everyone,

    I've just invested in a Gretagmacbeth Eye One Display and calibrated my monitor for the first time yesterday.

    It wasn't too much of a hassle getting the monitor calibrated once I'd worked out how to adjust the settings on my LaCie monitor. (only problem is that the monitor control panel can't be moved from the centre of the screen. This is also where the calibration device has to stick to the monitor to take it's readings. Not very helpful, however after going through the process a couple of times I can find my way through the monitor controls virtually blind.

    I'm running the monitor off an ibook. The monitor now looks alot less blue than the laptop does which is what I'd expected after doing a little reading on the subject.

    However I do have a couple of questions that I could do with some help on.

    1. In OSX is is necessary to disable any auto monitor software,prefrences etc? I fairly sure that the calibration software overrides all other gamma controls but I'd like to be sure? I think its only in pre OSX that this was an issue.

    2. For some reason when I drop an image into mail it seems to go rather red. Has anyone else encountered this issue? It makes me nervous when the image looks fine in photoshop and then changes colour once attached (which one should i trust?)

    3. Also when if I convert an sRGB image to Adobe RGB (1998) it seems to go quite red. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Thanks in advance to any pointers. I have a feeling that my colour problems may get worse before they get better but at least now trying to get a grip on the bulls horns rather than taking the ostrich approach which i have in the past!


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    First, go download the new Match update, they specifically mention a LaCie monitor (though it might not be your model).

    2nd, disable all other profile loaders, including Colorsync.

    3rd, you can calbrate from anywhere on your screen

    4th, you shouldn't get red shift for conversion, but you'd probably get a definite shift from assigning a new color space.
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