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Monitor calibration with Adobe Gamma?

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  • Monitor calibration with Adobe Gamma?

    I don't know much about calibration except if it looks and prints good it must be fine....
    Currently all I have to calibrate is Adobe Gamma, and just bought a Sony LCD HS75P monitor. Setting the black and white points seems to be no problem but I don't think I'm getting the gamma right. Everything looks great at 2.20 (windows default) but the strange thing is according to the grey square adjustment I should set the gamma at 1.60. When I set it at 1.60 the blacks go way too dark...

    Right now I'm sticking with the 2.20 but will be worried I'm not seeing what others do!

    I found this website
    that has been helpful.

    Any suggestions until I can invest in a better calibration system?

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    Stick with 2.2 and you'll match 90% of the monitors out there.

    My best advice is to save your pennies for an i1 or Spyder calibrator.
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      Originally posted by Northernshadow

      I found this website
      that has been helpful.
      Great link! I got myself a Viewsonic 19" LCD (VP191) a few weeks ago, and could not get anything sensible out of Adobe Gamma (The slider in Adobe Gamma to determine the gamma setting did nothing so I gave up at that point), yet that site seems to suggest my settings are pretty much spot on. I would like to get my monitor well calibrated, but at the moment the results I am getting looking at test images seem good.


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        Thanks Doug, I have been looking at the Spyder... I guess I'll just have to decide if it will be a necessity! It will all come out in the print!

        Caitlin, I'm glad it helped you out!

        I also looked have at other thread about calibration and have learned a lot, the info and links were extremely helpful!


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