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    Has anybody heard of cable that will connect a USB only printer to a standard parallel connector on the computer. Dont ask me why the party involved didn't check this minor point on purchase !!

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    I've actuallyl ooked into this once before. and yes, they do make them, however, they're rather pricey. (Which is probably the reason why I blew off the purchase)

    If you insist going that route, then I suggest you visit your local handy-dandy electronics store to get it. Just get ready to pay through the nose for it.



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      Rick, Thanks for the info, I checked on the Belkin site and surprisingly they didnt show one although the reversed (parallel/usb) cable was a fantastic price over here. I think a USB card is the better alternative.


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        I have never seen a parallel to usb cable, since this would be going from a parallel connection to a serial connection, the way the signal is fed is different for each type of connection. It would have to have some type of conversion. Might be able to do it with a driver but I don't think so. Better to get the USB card.



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