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  • 20+ Years Retouching...

    Hi Gang:

    Just thought I would introduce myself. I've been retouching for over 20 years. If anyone has any questions I'd be happy to answer them.

    Here is my online portfolio:

    Please Enjoy!


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    hello Glen

    Hello Glen

    Nice to see you on RetouchPRO. I am really enjoying your book. I actually have a test retouch to do at the moment and I am using your book for tips and tricks.

    "Commercial Photoshop Retouching"


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      Hi Shellby:

      Thank you for the kind reply.

      Checked out your web site, looks like you have a retouching career ahead of you! Nice stuff.



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        Nice site, some good work. But how could you take off the CCM logo that's sacrilege



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          I will also highly recommend Glenn's book. I learned so much from it. Mr Glenn, what are the chances for a Vol.2??


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            Originally posted by meok
            I will also highly recommend Glenn's book. I learned so much from it. Mr Glenn, what are the chances for a Vol.2??
            I agree. His book is stuffed with great techniques and advice.



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              >>But how could you take off the CCM logo that's sacrilege<<

              Hey, the customer is always right.....arn't they?

              >>I will also highly recommend Glenn's book. I learned so much from it. Mr Glenn, what are the chances for a Vol.2??<<

              meok, please call me Glenn, no 'MR' I feel so old when people do that, keep it casual! Vol.2, Yikes! it's a lot of work you know. Very nice to hear your're enjoying it. Makes it all worthwhile. Anything in particular you'd like in volume 2?

              >>I agree. His book is stuffed with great techniques and advice.<<

              Thanks Danny, really do appreciate it. Glenn


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                Hi Glenn,

                I hope you get to read this.

                I chanced upon this thread and checked out your website, and i really liked your work, so i decided to buy your book.

                It was just shipped yesterday and i immediately started browsing it. Sad to say, i didn't find anything regarding how you polished your ring / jewelries in your site.

                Well, you did show how you removed the reflections on the car, but i was hoping for a more thorough explanation, and was hoping to see how you did the jewelries. Coz that was the thing that inspired me to buy your book.

                Hope you would be able to msg me. Thanks so much!
                Still, its a great book!



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                  Great stuff

                  Welcome! I am new here myself. Been retouching for 17 years, so you got a few years on me. i respect you a a superior. Nice website too, first class stuff. Im still working on mine.. little by little. Should have it up in a few months.

                  You know what im wondering.. I have a little bit of a competitive streak in me. Im wondering if we could do a little contest between those who would consider themselves absolute journeyman master retouchers. Post our results and have everyone vote.. Its a good way to have some fun competition as well as learn some advanced techniques we might use. Maybe have a time limit or state how long it took (on the honer system of course). Im sure all the results will be great, but it will be fun to see different execution methods and possibley improve techniques.

                  As long as ego's arent too fragile I think it could be fun. Maybe have different catagories (i.e. beauty, lifesyle, styleized, product, etc.)

                  Yes?? No?? Just curious.
                  Last edited by mchawkes; 06-16-2006, 01:31 AM.


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                    There's still time for you to enter this month's contest, and you're always welcome to show your stuff over in the Challenge area.
                    Learn by teaching
                    Take responsibility for learning


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                      Wow, I've only been retouching for a month.


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                        Re: 20+ Years Retouching...

                        Did mchawkes challenge ever happen as i would love to see the entries? if not could we post a challenge for the pros?


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                          Overexposted areas


                          I allow myselft to write you after having seen your book and successful manipulations on digital images.

                          I am just admirative.

                          I would like to ask you some tips about technics to could be applied on images that have parts of white which is a white trousers over exposed in a sunny day...

                          How it possible to get details in overexposed white parts ?

                          It seems impossible...but I saw the example of the coffee cup onto your demo portfolio...and there must be a way !

                          Have a nice day,



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                            Re: 20+ Years Retouching...

                            Your portfolio is impressive. I think I may buy your book with my amazon coupon I just received.
                            I've been using photoshop for10 years. How would you say this book is for somebody who is moderately advanced?


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                              Rewards &amp; Work...


                              I am glad to hear that my work is pleasing someone that deals sincerely with experience and hard work.

                              I would like to work in a studio of digital retouching and/or exchange with you who is so so impressive !

                              I live in tBurgundy and people have no culture about images...I am feeling sometimes loosy...and I only work
                              during the week end as a photographer..

                              Did you stop completly to work with Photoshop ?

                              Did you follow a course in a special school to get strong basis of post-treatment knowledge ?

                              Can you remember me your website please ?

                              Are you leaving in New York ?



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