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    Hi Everyone,
    I suppose by now you have all heard about the next big thing on the net after blogging is podcasting. Well I have had a chance over the last few weeks to listen to a few podcast and it seem that Photoshop has a few podcasters. One podcast in particular made me sit up and really pay attention. Some of you may have heard of David Biedny a Photoshop veteran who authored the very first Photoshop book "The Official Adobe Photoshop Handbook". Well David has a weekly podcast called “Attention Photoshoppers”. In his third episode I was quiet surprised when he answers an email I sent him about the ongoing discussion on RetouchPRO about the FFT plugin. Although he didn’t mention Alex Chirakov's filter, He says that he will do interview in a later episode with the founder of Reindeergraphics.

    You can find David’s podcasts at

    A couple of other Photoshop podcast that I have listened to are: -
    Photoshop Radio

    Media Artist Secrets

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    Attention Photoshoppers

    In this special hour long episode, David takes an in-depth look at Apple's new imaging application Aperture, and decides that Apple was indeed correct in stating that it's a companion, not a competitor, to Photoshop. Learn the good, bad and ugly about Aperture


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      Episode 7, with David’s first interview! Katrin Eismann is the Photoshop Diva, artist, teacher and author, and she shares her thoughts about all things Photoshop.


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        Photoshop Radio can now be received as Photoshop TV, a lot easier to follow tips. I do not have an ipod but watch it on my PC.



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          If you are having problems with very slow downloads of Photoshop TV they are supposed to be installing new equipment, which should solve the problem. They have had over 364,000 downloads in the month of November so it’s no wonder it’s slow.

          We have some new equipment on order that should greatly improve the download speed of the podcast. It may or may not be in place for the next edition of Photoshop TV; however you should definitely see a download speed improvement by the December 19th edition of the podcast. For the next week or two, if the download time is too long for you, I would suggest waiting until Tuesday evening or later in the week to download the video. We have the most traffic (and therefore the slowest downloads) immediately upon release of new editions Monday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon.

          Paul Wilder
          Systems Administrator
          KW Media Group


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