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  • Photoshop (one day) Seminar

    I went to the one day Photoshop seminar sponsered by Adobe and NAPP, in Ft. Lauderdale today. It's actually my second time attending the one day seminar. I was impressed with it being all new material and just as entertaining as it was last year. It was from 10 am to 5 pm and five different classes ranging from correcting digital camera images, killer tips, Photo retouching and web design. There was even a good demo on Wacom tablets during the lunch break that was very informative. I am amazed at how much was packed into that amount of time and for $99 it was really worth the cost. They give you a work book that so completely follows the lessons that you have no need to take notes so all attention is on what's happening on screen. You also get a CD with the images to work on your own. There were drawings held for many items such as a Graphire tablet, several books, Adobe t-shirts and more. Another thing I enjoyed was being around so many people interested in Photoshop. All in all, it was a great day and I would recomend this type of seminar if there are any in your area.

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    That sounds like so much fun! I wonder if there are seminars like that in Western Washington....I will have to check that out. Would love to hear any tips you want to share....especially on the Tablet, that will be my next big purchase!


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      sounds great, wish there was something like that here. So glad you enjoyed it DJ and I'm looking forward to any tips you would like to share with us.


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        Thats cerainly very good value compared with the a one day course I attended here, although seminars and courses are different animals. You might recall an 'advanced' PS course I attended a month or so ago where half the class had never used the program bfore ! After prolonged negotiation I finally recieved a refund last week.


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          I agree with DJ. A great value for the money. I attended both tours last year. Also if you are a NAPP member the seminars are only $79.

          The listing for tour dates includes some in England I believe, so Aus may soon be a posibility. Why not write Scott Kelby with that suggestion.



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            I've been so busy this weekend I haven't had a chance to go through the book and find the tips I highlighted to share with you guys but I certainly will. Some are really pretty neat. I'll post them as soon as I can in the tips forum.

            It's advertised as a Seminar but it's broken down into 5 one hour course catagories with 15 minute breaks after each course. From 10 to 11 am was Correcting Images from Digital Cameras. Then came Photoshop 6 Killer Tips followed buy and hour lunch to finish up with How'd They Do That (that was picking out famous logos and recreating their techniques) Then came Photo-retouching Secrets and finally Web Rollovers, Animations and Slicing. Plus the 40 minute Wacom talk during lunch. Everything except the Wacom talk was done by Scott Kelby on a Mac laptop hooked to 2 projectors on 2 huge screens. All you had to do was watch and learn. I liked that it was set up so you didn't need to take any notes and if he found a new trick he would slip it in but tell you to note it because it wasn't in the book.


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              That sounds like a well spent day Debbie. Glad you could go. I only wish you'd have told me about it so I could have gone with you.



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                You know I would have been happy to have you join me Ed. Nothing makes a thing like that even more enjoyable than when you go with a friend.

                The only bad part of the day was leaving the place at 5:15pm and not making it out of the parking garage until almost 6 then not making it home until about 8 pm. The convention center is down at the Port Everglades where all the big cruise ships and military ships come in so after 9/11 security measures forces them to reroute you all in one direction. Then to make matters worse there was a terrible accident about 3 miles away that bottlenecked the traffic down to one lane. That accident was so bad though, the entire top of the car was gone and the side was smashed in. Sure felt bad for the family of that driver.


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                  Wow! What a terrible end to a nice day!



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                    After reading DJ's outline of her seminar I had a look on the UK Adobe site for similar but no luck. I did notice that Adobe's 'preferred' course suppliers on PS6 were asking £325 + tax for a 1 day introductory session ! Came to about $600 approx, champagne and caviar were not supplied !


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                      Who can pay that much? You're right, Lobster dinner with champagne and caviar should be included with it. Makes me think I got a heck of a deal.

                      Hey, check out the tips forum under the Restoration, Retouching, and Manipulation forum. I posted a good sharpening tip and a 3 step tip to creating those studio backdrops you always see in professional portraits.


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                        I've found a photoshop seminar here in Sydney but alas it's $350. It looks great though but nowhere as extensive as the on you attended DJ. It only deals with photoshop 6 and doesn't seem to be much more I might just have to wait and maybe well get more one day.


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                          photoshop seminar

                          I was so glad to hear your review of the seminar in Ft. Lauderdale. I called about the Scott Kelby show early in the fall, and supposedly got on a mailing list..nothing has arrived to date. Unfortunately, work has gotten in the way of paying much attention. I have 2 of his books, both are very entertaining. I am glad to know the time is worth the money.

                          I have a wacom it, love it, love it..

                          If you don't have one, you absolutely must get one - it makes some tasks incredibly easy when they would be messy with the mouse.

                          I'm new to this site - very impressed that it is even here. Hope to get to know you all over time.


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                            I just got a card in the mail for an Adobe Photoshop Seminar Tour led by Jack Davis who wrote the Photoshop Wow series. It's the same price as yours DJ. It's for Austin on Mar 22, Chicago on April 20 and Dallas (actually Arlington) on May 17.

                            If anyone is interested the website is

                            Just turned the card over - It's called the Wow tour.

                            I'll try to catch the one in May. That's about 20 minutes from me.



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                              Could someone please add these to our calendar?
                              Learn by teaching
                              Take responsibility for learning


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