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  • Jill
    Thank you! I am amazed at how much I forget or didn't know about photoshop! I didn't know what H S B stood for in the color picker box! That is all the farther I have explored with this link but had to stop and say thank you for the info, I needed this!

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  • CJ Swartz
    Thanks from me, also, Paulette!

    It looks like it will cover a lot of material, and the first couple of pages look good -- it will fill up a night or two this week to go over fully, I'm sure, and hopefully remind me of some of the areas that I need to work on to be a Photoshop whiz.

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  • DJ Dubovsky
    Thanks Paulette. I bookmarked this one. Part 1 on Vector vs Raster is very helpful for me so my interest was peaked right away. Looks like a very helpful site.

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  • paulette conlan
    started a topic Photoshop Cram Review

    Photoshop Cram Review

    I came across this website on the Adobe site.Someone was asking if there was a site that would offer a type of college board review for Photoshop Certification. Anyway I think it's a very good refresher and resource of what PS offers. I never cease to be amazed at how complex the program is and how many things I forget if I don't use them regularly. On one or two of the pages the link to the next page didn't work so I just went back to the main page to access that part of the tutorial.


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