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Wacom Free CD power tips give away

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  • Wacom Free CD power tips give away

    Hey, I just signed up for a free tips CD from Wacom and thought you all might like to do so too. The link to this freebee is here

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    as usual we can't get it here in Australia.


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      Oh now I feel bad. It's like teasing you with free goody only to rip it out of your hands. Sorry about that Sanda. I have a feeling Sam won't be getting it either in Zimbabwe.


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        it's ok DJ we're used it it.


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          Thanks for the link DJ. It looks like we can get it in Canada

          Even if I don't get the CD, that site has lots of useful tips!



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            Thanks Deb. Now if you could just tell me where to get a free tablet to go with it!



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              Boy, I'm really missing the mark with this one. All who've responded either can't get the CD, might be able to get it or don't have the tablet. OH well, guess I'll just have to tell you what it's like, maybe even give you a play by play.


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                Thanks DJ,

                I recently purchased the Graphire 2 and have been working at getting used to it! So far so good, but what a strange feeling getting rid of my trusty 'ol mouse!

                The CD looks like it could be helpful! And it seems that they will ship to this foreign land, California that is!



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                  So, those who don't need/want the CD can order it anyway and mail it to those that want it and can't get it.
                  Learn by teaching
                  Take responsibility for learning


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                    Not sure if you're kidding but I think it's a pretty good idea.


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                      I wonder why some people can't get it. Could the cost of mailing be that high?



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