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  • TOP 40 Photoshop tips

    these might be too elementary for some pros here, but I found some of them helpful.

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    great link! I've only looked at a few so far but it looks like there's some really good tips in there. (and you can enter to win PhotoShop 7!)

    - David


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      Something for everyone

      Thanks for posting this tidbit. I'll agree with David... defintely something for everyone.

      I'm plowing through these myself. So far "Beauty Retouching" by Suzette Troche was one that intrigued me, albeit, a little hard to follow.

      Nice demo of a new PS7 function by Ken Milburn: "Glamourizing a Photo with the Healing Brush."

      If you haven't seen Deke McClelland's "Edge Mask" sharpenening technique, this is pretty neat. I'll admit that the first time I tried it I thought he was full of potatoes, but it does work!

      New one to me: Dan Margulis - "Faces and the Luminosity Blend." Had not seen this "blend a grayscale layer" with a color layer below technique. Definitely improves face tones.

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        There are some pretty good tips here. I don't know how long the page will be active since it's a poll that closes on the 22nd so I hurried up and copied as many good ones I could.
        Check out the Low Res to Hi Res. I know a few members have wondered how to make a high res from a low res image. Sharpen an Old Photo with an Edge Mask seems different from any sharpen technique I've seen with good results. Hope Wacom keeps these tips active after the poll is done.


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          Another "thank you" for posting that link. I checked out a couple of them, then decided to download some. I got the message that the site could'nt be found, and to try again later. Hope it's available. There's a lot of good tips, I'm sure (even though I don't have a tablet).



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