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  • Good Photoshop Tutorials

    As I find interesting Photoshop oriented sites I tend to quickly bookmark them with the expectation that I will re-visit soon to explore the information provided. All too often, it turns out that "soon" becomes several months or more - until I rediscover or rather uncover the URL

    I wanted to share the site below (Steve Nelson's) that I found a while ago because I think it has some very good tutorials about -

    Pen Tools
    The Displace Filter
    Replacing Backgrounds
    and Others

    As Steve says the tutorials are somewhat old but the information is not outdated

    While you're there, try out some of the flash doodles - they're cool

    Hope some of you find the information useful - and by all means let Steve know.

    Bob Mc

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    Re: Good Photoshop Tutorials

    Thanks Bob, gonna take a look now


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      Re: Good Photoshop Tutorials

      Some of the best (well written and comprehensive) PS tutorials I have ever seen:


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        Re: Good Photoshop Tutorials

        Nice one Danny....bookmarked....I'll have a good look at that tomorrow when I get home.


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          Re: Good Photoshop Tutorials

          I haven't updated these since 2003, but after my new book comes out (The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book, already on Amazon: I expect to have some time to devote to my website(s) and update/add tutorials.

          I'll be done with the writing, hopefully TODAY. First I'll need to catch up with my blog (, then Elements 5 users and get out my Elements 5 tools...but hopefully these tutorials are worthy additions as is.


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            Re: Good Photoshop Tutorials

            Thanks for all the excellent links, folks. I'm putting together a new Web site,, which will be a resource center for all things Photoshop. I'll certainly be turning on my visitors to these tutorial sites. Thanks again.