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New book by Katrin Eismann in the works

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  • New book by Katrin Eismann in the works

    Just got a confirmation e-mail from Katrin Eismann that she's working on a new book: Photoshop Masking and Composition, ISBN: 0735712794. She says it's about 25% complete as of June, 2002, but did not speculate on a publication date. (Maybe by Christmas 2002? Nice present to yourself, huh? )

    Send e-mail to [email protected] and request to be added to her news/notification e-mail distribution if you want to be among the first to know.



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    Thanks for the info Danny! I loved her first book and I've learned tons from it. I can't wait for the second one! I'll definitely get on that list.

    - David


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      Sounds like a winner. If it's half as good as the other one, it'll be worth picking up.



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        Hi David & Ed:

        Yeah... way terrific, huh?

        I got the title and ISBN out of a currently published PS7 "recommended reading" section and just about got a speeding ticket on the way home to my DSL connection so I could order it.

        Alas I was a little disappointed by the status (~25% complete at this time), but what a juicy tidbit to look forward to, huh?

        I'd buy this one sight unseen in a heartbeat. Maybe between now and publication time we can put together a "mass order" via RP members and get a little more discount than usual. Bet we could round up a lot of interested folks.



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          I consider her first one to be my restoration bible so I can't wait to see her second.


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