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  • Katrin's Book

    If anyone is contemplating buying Katrin Eismann's book "Restoration & Retouching", it is now available at *$34.99* from . Just remember to buy it through the link from this site.


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    It figures. Everytime I buy something it goes on sale right after I buy it. But if I waited for it to go on sale....forget it. I'm sure a few people will be happy you mentioned that if they were considering buying it. You're a good guy Ed.


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      I've heard so many good comments from this group on the Katrin's book. So I checked out Doug's link a couple days ago and bought the book.

      I also subscribed to PEI Magazine.

      Soon I'll be apply my newly learned techniques on the Challenges.



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        Good for you Sharon. We look forward to see all the things you learn. Remember, if there are parts in the book that give you grief, they probably gave us grief too so don't hesitate to ask for help. It makes it alot more fun, I found.


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          You'll like the book Sharon. Just skip the one we've been talking about in chapter 5.



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            hi guys,

            i was thinking of buying Katrin Eismann's book on Restoration and Retouching, would it be a good buy? or is everything on the internet already?

            need your help on this one guys, i really do want to learn more.


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            Meanwhile, please any reccommendations for a good thorough book would be most appreciated.

            My main interest is in photo retouching, restoration and painting.

            I'm not intersested in a very beginning book like the dummy...
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