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  • Videos and other learning stuff

    For the past two months we have had a running dialog "Should I buy this video" with regards to Retouching Techniquesby Vitaly Druchinin.

    What videos would you buy or recommend?


    What books would you buy and recommend?

    Over the holiday I picked up:
    Image Sharpening by Bruce Fraser - started with this one. This one is great. I'll come back with a review when I finish.
    Mastering Digital Wedding Photography by James Karney
    Digital Photography Notebook by Kevin Ames
    Complete guide to Light and Lighting Michael Freeman

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    Re: Videos and other learning stuff

    Ok, I'm really stupid when it comes to this stuff. I was just asked what's my URL. I'm not sure I have one. What are they really asking and how do I get one? If anyone can anwer this I'm greatly at your debt.


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      Re: Videos and other learning stuff

      URL I believe is Uniform Resource Locator...which is your IP address or sometimes your domain name. Maybe they wanted to know if you had a website or maybe they wanted your email address?


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        Re: Videos and other learning stuff

        It must be for a personal webpage because I gave them my e-mail above that question thank you for your help.


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