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    I'm going to take the liberty of starting this thread just cause I love books so much. Doug, you recommended a book called something like Channel Drops or Chops--I can't remember now :p ! Anyway, is it basically a theory book (as opposed to a book of tutorials)--and does it deal with one particular version of Photoshop? Just wonderin cause I can't help but notice that it was written in 1998.



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    Hi Doug,

    I forgot to mention in my last post that I plan to write some book reviews for you. I'm working on about 4 books right now. Maybe one of these days I'll actually finish one of them.



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      The Channels Chops book is aging, but what it talks about is still relevant. You might need to do a bit of translation to the current UI, but everything they discuss is still essential to serious users. It is VERY theory, not a cookbook.

      As for reviews, bring'em on!
      You can post them here if you'd rather, or email them to me and I'll give them a page and one of my capitalist pig Amazon links (oink)
      Learn by teaching
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        FYI, I know that shopping at Amazon can also give $$ to this site, but has the Channel Chops book for $9.49 right now (it's $28 at Amazon). Don't know how many copies are available, but I just got one cuz the price was right.

        For those of you who don't know, used to be simply "normal" people selling their used books - and that's still true for a lot of what's sold. But now many online bookstores sell there as well. Sometimes the prices aren't that great, but if you're not in a hurry, put a book that you want on a wish list and you'll get e-mail when it becomes available at the price you want. And if you want to help out this site, you can always donate your "savings" through the donation link on this site.

        I've bought ALL of my technical books at by being patient and moving fast when the price is right. Obviously, the older the book, the better chance at finding a good deal. (I found a brand new copy of Eisman's book for half price.) Now I just have to start selling some of the older versions of the books I've collected.



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          Maybe Doug could work something out with I too have looked for bargains there. Amazon is good but they are not all that cheap.


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            A book I'd like to recommend is Photoshop Artistry, by Bruce Haynes and Wendy Crumpler. I have the copy for 5.5, but I think there's a version for 6 now. It's on the advanced side, but it's the best book I have that helps to really form a thorough foundation with photoshop without cheating. There aren't any text effects or fancy gimmicks like in the Wow series. It's a solid, practical book.
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              Hi Mig

              You're right about the PS Artistry book. I have version 6 and it is very in-depth. Sometimes I find my head spinning but I have really learned a lot from it--especially in regards to color spaces and how to calibrate your system. I am just getting to the point now where I am trying out some of Bruce's "hands-on" projects. This guy really knows a lot about digital imagery! I can see why a lot of instructors use this as their Photoshop textbook. Great explanations and illustrations. (working on a review of this one Doug, along with about 4 other books )



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                So where are they?
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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                  Working on . . . meaning . . . a work in progress.

                  I usually have a hard time sticking with one book, so I end up reading about four books at once. You wouldn't want me to write a review when I haven't read the book in it's entirety would you?

                  No cheating allowed. :p


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                    Thanks for the run down on Photoshop Artistry. I have been thinking about getting that book so I appreciate the input. That always helps when trying to make a decision.


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