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What Happened To The July Cover Of Vogue?

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  • What Happened To The July Cover Of Vogue?

    I was amazed to see the July cover of Vogue. Usually when you here names like Vogue and Annie Leibovitz in the same sentence. There is usually amazing images to follow. But, this month it looks like they decided not to use Box (or anyone really) for there retouching. Nicole Kidman is out of focus, while the light stand is sharp. Oh and a sharp object usually does not have that soft of an edge to it either. I can see where the ground around Nicole has different amounts of texture(poor masking). Plus, the clipping path where the U touches her hair is weak at best. The skin is poor as well. It looks like a first year photography student put this cover together. Amazed is all I can say.

    I would love to have Conde Nast and/or Annie Leibovitz for clients. But, I guess they would rather print sloppy images then give me a call. What a shame.


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    Re: What Happened To The July Cover Of Vogue?

    i used to work at a shop that had some of the Conde Nast work, i'm curious to see just how bad the cover is...


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      Re: What Happened To The July Cover Of Vogue?

      Sea, Sex And Sun it's Summer :-)


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        Re: What Happened To The July Cover Of Vogue?

        Wow, I got the August Vanity Fair today. It is weak as well. Looks over exposed with strange color cast in the shadows and poor clipping paths. Mark Seliger was given credit for it. I guess the slump in the photography industry has now hit the big guys too.


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