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two videos on channels & masking

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  • two videos on channels & masking

    While checking what the library had, I came upon a set of two videos on channels & masking. I have it ordered, and should have it sometime next week. Here's what I saw from the library catalogue:

    DYNIX # 1271791

    TITLE Channels and masking [videorecording]

    PUBLISHER San Rafael, CA : IDIG, Inc., c1999.

    DESCRIPT 2 videocassettes (time varys): sd., col. ; 1/2 in.

    SERIES 1) Photoshop inside & out ; tape 5-6

    NOTES 1) Closed captioned.

    2) VHS format.

    CREDITS Director, producer, David Biedny.

    SUMMARY Channels are at the heart of most advanced image processing
    tasks in Photoshop. Learn important information on many
    channel-related topics, from selection tools to advanced masking

    CONTENTS Part 1. (106 min.) -- Part 2. (115 min.).

    SUBJECTS 1) Adobe Photoshop -- Video recordings.

    There was more info, but I didn't get it all down.


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    Hey Ed,

    When you get them, let us know if they are all you hoped they'd be. I am always eager for new sources of information on Photoshop.



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      Ditto here too Ed,

      Just call me sponge brain...always like to absorb anything I can in photography and digital imaging.


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        I'll be sure to let you know what I think about it. With 221 minutes of video tape, there is probably only about 215 minutes of information that I don't already know . Video tapes are something that I didn't think I would like for something like this, but I've found a way to put a small TV next to my monitor so I can follow along with anything that might be presented. Maybe that will work out okay.



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          Bad news. I talked to the librarian today, and it seems as though there were two sets of the video tapes in our library system, but both sets are lost! Sounds to me like somebody *really* liked them. They are going to see if they can get it through an inter-library loan for me. That could take a while, but if I get them, I'll be sure to let you know how they were.



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            The tapes came in today from out of state. Although they contained a lot of good information, I guess I was a little disappointed with them. There are two tapes, and almost all of the information I was interested in was in the second tape. The first tape had mostly to do with the use of selection tools, and some info on CMYK out of gamut problems (which I personally am not concerned with). There was not a whole lot on the actual use of masking with channels, which came in the second tape. There were quite a few good tips on working with channel masks (2nd tape), but I thought it fell short of explaning the use of channel masks when it came to working with very difficult subject matter.

            These tapes were put on by the people who wrote "Channel Chops", and although I haven't read the book, I tend to think that all the information presented in the tapes would probably also be presented in the book (plus more). I think the price for the two tapes is around $120.00, so to me, the price of the book seems more palatable.



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              Thanks for the update Ed. We were curious about how they would be. Glad you pointed out the cost vs the amount of info you got from it. The book probably would be the best way to go. I have some of the tapes from NAAP and I watched them once and never watched them again but the books I bought I go back to many times as reference material. I can thumb through pages faster than video tape any day.


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                I agree Debbie. You can easily take a book to your computer. Not so easy with videos.

                One thing I realized after posting, was that they mentioned Photoshop 5.0 and 5.5 a few times in the video. I know the book is not new, but I wasn't sure if it was recent enough to include 5.0 or not. Any idea? I think that's when adjustment layers came into being.



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