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FUTURE REVIEW: Photoshop 7: Professional Photography Techniques

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  • FUTURE REVIEW: Photoshop 7: Professional Photography Techniques

    Janee, from, is one of the authors of the soon to be available book, Photoshop 7: Professional Photography Techniques, published by Friends of Ed. She has graciously accepted my proposal to write a review of it for RetouchPro.

    This book is expected to hit bookstores about mid-to-end-of-July-ish, with reviewer copies distributed in approximately the same time frame.

    In the mean time additional information can be found at Janee's site and (There is some duplicate info at the end of the Amazon link, but some content is unique.)

    Stay tuned... Film at 11. (Well, more than likely, in August.)


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    I thought that was her when I saw the book was coming out. She's a teacher, and a pretty good one. I used to frequent her site, but haven't been there in quite a while. But if my friends published it, you'd think I'd know about it for sure!



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      Meanwhile, please any reccommendations for a good thorough book would be most appreciated.

      My main interest is in photo retouching, restoration and painting.

      I'm not intersested in a very beginning book like the dummy...
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