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Lots of QuickTime tutorials for all kinds of editing software

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  • Lots of QuickTime tutorials for all kinds of editing software

    I discovered these online classes in just about any software imaginable. I was looking to improve my Painter 7 skills and took the entire course. It's called VTC and each course costs $99 but what is cool is that for every course the first 3 chapters are free. (No purchase necessary) Go to this and click on any title and check out the free Quick Time tutorials. Even in the basics there's valuable info you may not be aware of.

    Here's a real good one. Scroll down to Adobe Photoshop Special FX or Adobe Photoshop Advanced Techniques and you will really get some great free tutorials.

    I took the entire Painter 7 course and found it extremely informative. There were 12 hours of video and I really learned alot more than I could've on my own. Actually, I was amazed at what all Painter can do.

    Whether you purchase it or not this site is an excellent resource and if you do purchase it, you get an aweful lot for your money.

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    Thanks for the link Deb. That sounds great.



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      I've been trying out the first 3 chapters of the Adobe Photoshop Special FX course and there is really some good info there. I even came away with new ways to do things I had been doing. The price is right.

      I also thought this site might be great for those members who are just starting out in Photoshop or even Paint Shop Pro or Painter. The price is really worth what they could get out of it. Just the basic courses could really give their skills a big jump start.


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