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FREE Photoshop 6 Training CD's !!!

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  • FREE Photoshop 6 Training CD's !!!

    Hi All...

    I have 4 Photoshop 6 training CD's (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and PS 6 tryout) from Keyko Training, that I have completed, and would like to share with anyone that would like to have them...FREE !

    All I ask is that you pay S/H fee ( will send & let you know how much, shouldn't be any more than a couple of bucks) & when you are done with them, post a thread offering them to anyone else that might like to use them...that person in turn do the same...and so on.

    Great opp for someone that simply can't afford to pay for training CD's !!


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    That's quite a generous offer. I have Photoshop 7, but I'd be interested in the Intermediate and advanced CDs if someone hasn't requested them. Thanks very much even if I don't get them. Eventually, maybe I will.



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      Add me to the list!



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        Keyco CD's

        Ed L & T Paul...

        You 2 are the first to it out between yourselve's, let me know, and I will send to the first person that e-mails me ([email protected]) their snail mail address.

        Ding, Ding, Ding...Round 1 !!!!




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          Not to be an intruder here but why not send it to one and let them use it then if the other wants they can have it when the first one is done? Kind of a library system of exchange.

          Just a suggestion.


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            Day of The Intruder !!!

            Hey Dj...

            That's exactly what the the intent instructional lending library to be passed along to whoever needs it.

            "Knowledge is Power !" ...and if it's free, so much the better

            AH (circa...ahhh, oh yea...2002)


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              What a generous and extremely cool gesture! You are waaayyy cool, AH!


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                Or simply illegaly copy and send them to the other person - did I say that? strike me down - I am of course joking in the most serious state

                A very generous offer and a mighty lofty intention as well, thanks Hippy, because of you, people are hogging my work

                Hope those lucky recipients get as much out of it as Hippy obviously has done


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                  Maybe you've started a thread that will lead to an education library. That is really cool in the highest degree. Thank you again for your generosity. I've e-mailed my address to you.



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                    On Their Way

                    Hey Ed...

                    OK...the Cd's will be sent to you first. Please pass them along to T Paul when your done with them.

                    T Paul...start a new thread offering the CD's to anyone that could benefit from them after you get done with them.

                    Happy Learning, guys.



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                      Okay, T's next in line. I'm sure you'll be rewarded in one way or another for sharing. It wasn't too long ago, I sent a CD of PhotoDeluxe to one of the members, and look what I'm getting in return! I just had the CD collecting dust, and she had a use for it. Best deal I've made in quite a long time.

                      I'm wondering if we should set some kind of a time limit on the use of the CDs so others can get the chance to use them?



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                        Great idea and I have already talked to Ed...age before beauty and all so he gets them first. JK ED!

                        I'll be happy to pass them on once I get them from Ed to whoever wants them next!



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                          Those training video CDs are usually demonstrated using a Mac since it's the top dog in the graphics world, but like the Quick Time movie tutorials you get online they usually give you PC short cuts along with the Mac shortcuts which makes them adaptable to both.


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                            Let me add my THANKS for your generous offer.


                            After you finish viewing these, please send me PM and I'll get you my mailing address.



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                              SJM or Danny,

                              She should be done with them by the time Photoshop 8 comes out. Just kidding of course. I'll try to get through them in a reasonably short time.


                              Thank you. I probably don't have as much time left as you. But I want you to realize that my avatar is not really my portrait. That's my brother.


                              The check's in the mail.

                              Last edited by Ed_L; 08-04-2002, 08:58 PM.


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