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  • Latest Computer Arts Special magazine

    I just today found the latest (I think - it's Issue 34:2002) of Computer Arts Special magazine at my local Barnes & Nobel. The entire issue is devoted to Photoshop and the accompanying CD includes the full version of AutoFX Dreamy Photo with a tutorial in the magazine for some interesting effects. Also included is a tutorial on painting in PS7, very cool effects that you can create with your scanner (e.g., take a clear plastic container with flat bottom, filled with about an inch of water, then drop paint into it and let it fall to the bottom in an interesting pattern and scan), and hardware reviews on monitors, scanners & printers, plus lots, lots more.

    I've gotten a couple of previous issues of this magazine, but this one looks like it's full of great stuff, so I wanted to let you know about it.

    Oh, it's out of the UK and priced at $13.95 in the US.


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    Glad you mentioned that special, I was in my newsagent today and glanced through the current edition and noticed the special edition. Didnt have much time so didnt examine it. Computer arts is a bit too graphics orientated for me but the special sounds interesting.


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      Thanks for passing that on Jeanie. I'll have to check that one out.



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        I sound like a walking advert for them, but I can't praise enough the standard and quality of this mag Recent copies have been reaching 75$ and more on auction sights, partly due to the great software and intuitive tutorials.


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          I too have looked through both the "regular" and special editions for a couple of months now (now that I know where to find it!) and always gravitate towards the special edition. They both seem to be monthly magazines and I haven't quite figured out what the focus of each is, though perhaps the graphics focus of the regular edition is why I don't find it as appealing. Mike, do you have any insight?

          $75 on auction sites?? WOW! $13.95 seems like a bargain! Perhaps I should consider purchasing extra copies at the bookstore and selling them on eBay to make some money for a new monitor!

          BTW - Issue 34 (which I mentioned above) is the JULY issue. We get the magazine 1-2 months late here in the US.



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