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    Hi All...

    Have been busy lately going to "class".

    I enrolled in a Photoshop 6 "on-line course" with the local community college...great content, great tuiton ($59).

    It is a 6 week course with 2 lessons per currently on "Layers"

    Aside from the educational value, there is another benefit to enrolling...student status means being able to purchase graphics programs at student rates !!

    At an on-line site, reccomended by the instructor, Photoshop 7 is selling for $275...(darn, never have the money when these opps present themselves).


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    Photoshop 7 for $275.

    Can you let me in on the website where you can get Photoshop 7 for $275?


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      Please verify that it is legitimate before passing this information along. Also, if it is the educational version, see the post in the Classifieds section about educational versions of PS.
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Academic Software

        Hi GBLOUNT...academic software can be purchased from SmartSoft (

        They require a copy of your student registration and driver license be sent or faxed to them before you can purchase.

        I am enrolled in an on-line course for Photoshop 6 (excellent content, super instructor...Sherry London) and that qualified me for academic status.

        I purchased Photoshop 7.0 from SmartSoft ($275.99 + $12.50 shipping), prompt shipping, came fully boxed and sealed, complete with manuals, and I had no problem registering it with Adobe.



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          If you're not a student and do not already have Photoshop, one option is to purchase a back-level version of Photoshop (for example PS4) via eBay for $125-$150 (depends on auction closing price); then purchase a Photoshop 7 upgrade and apply it to the PS4 base.

          Result: PS7 for less than $300. Totally legit and above board.


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            Thanks for the info, guys!!! I am using PS Elements right now and very much need PS7. I will check into these methods of cost-cutting...Gregory


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              Thats great advice Danny - I went that way of purchasing an old copy and upgrading. But well done for having the sense to tell us. far cheaper


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