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  • Facial retouching book

    Amazon lists a new Photoshop book entitled "Photoshop Face to Face: Facial Image Retouching, Manipulation and Makeovers with Photoshop 7 or Earlier" by Gavin Cromhout. It was was published in June of this year. The excerpts and table of contents are interesting but I have spent to much money already on books that didn't live up to their promise. Has anyone purchased or had experience with this book?

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    Hey, Welcome to Retouch Pro Ecperry. Sounds like a great find for what we specialize in. What I do when I see something on Amazon that I like but wish I could look it over first, is to check out the local book stores and browse through it and if I like it go back to Amazon if the price is better. I'm the same as you, I've bought books that promised to be good and turned out to be a big disappointment. At the price some of these PS books can run it really pays to check them out first. Thanks for the great tip. Boy, you dove in with some great info for your first post. Glad you joined the fun.


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      Welcome aboard. Good to have you. I've said this several times, but once more won't hurt a bit. I know where you're coming from. When I hear of a book that sounds promising, I go to my local library to see if they have it. If they don't, they can usually order it from another library, almost always at no cost. Then, if it's something special, I wind up buying it. This has saved me from buying books that don't live up to expectations, and it has been worthwhile when I finally lay my money down. Katrin Eismann's "Restoration & Retouching" was one I bought.



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        My experience with libraries is that they never have anything under 5 years old it seems. Anyone else have that problem?


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          I was able to check out Katrin Eismann's book at my local library. Also, I was looking for a book that they didn't have so I requested that they get it. Within 2 weeks it was on their shelf...

          Maybe your library needs a few suggestions about what Photoshop books to purchase?


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            I've requested that they buy a particular book three different times. All three times, they got the book for me. Several times they ordered books from other libraries.



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