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    Hi Craig,
    Welcome to Retouch Pro. You will have to let us know how these Photoshop classes go for you. Maybe you can point out some things that you liked or disliked about it and even help Vikki out designing her curriculum. Thanks for the link also. I'll have to check that out more thoroughly when I have some free time. Looks like you'll be able to choose several Adobe classes. That's great.


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      Craig, thanks for the info, and welcome!
      I would be interested in your thoughts about your class.

      DJ, I actually have a class plan that I'm comfortable with, which is important to me as a first time teacher. I feel confident in what I know, but not so much in my ability to communicate that to others. I also have a streak of perfectionism, that I don't think is appropriate for beginners - so I will have to temper that.

      We're still not sure whether we'll be using Photoshop or Elements, but my plans will work with either.
      It's surprising to me, but this school doesn't offer a Photoshop class! That fact surely rules out any prerequisites. So, I don't plan on this being a Photoshop class perse, but rather a class on photo restoration. I plan to teach methods and techniques that can be carried over to other software.


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        Thanks for the welcome! I just now got back from class. A little more on my class. We have 2 hours of lecture and then 2 hours of lab which is optional, all students have computers and PS7 so most of us bailout after the lecture and do the assignments at home or work. The class book is Katrin Eismanns photo restoration book. Once you are on the course description and you see an instructors name next to a class you can do a search on the colleges' main page and get course handouts and students work for most of the instructors (I believe there are 13 different photoshop instructors at the college). You can also get their email addresses and perhaps ask any questions that you may have. I'm sure this would tickle them pink and boost their ego's at the same time.

        The first photoshop class I had in this series of classes that I've taken had a computer for everyone, looking back at it now I think that this was counter productive it really slowed the class down because people were not paying attention to the instructor and were running into generic computer problems (surfing the net etc).

        What I like about the class: almost everything

        What I don't like: During the lecture part of the class, procedures for fixing things are shown with a projector hooked up to the computer, the instructor (being the expert that he is) uses the keyboard shortcuts to perform alot of tasks. This makes it real difficult to try and follow what he is doing.

        I'd like to learn more and take more classes but with a job that pays the bills, kids, wife and all the joys of home ownership (not to mention my other hobbies) it makes it real difficult.

        Observation: Being a mechanical engineer for 30 years I have found that photoshop is no different than any of the most advanced CAD programs out there. Complete with the frustrations and the rewards. I'm not sure if photoshop or photoshop elements is the best way to learn, however I do know that if you don't have the best most up to date program you will never know if the problem that you have is you or the program/hardware.

        Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions.

        Craig Carlson
        Sebastopol, Ca.

        P.S. O.K. I have the original HP photosmart printer and a HP Photosmart 1215 both work O.K. but I'm thinking about the new Canon S9000 or an Epson 2200 any comments on these 2 printers?


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          Hey Stevic! Welcome to RetouchPro.

          P.S. O.K. I have the original HP photosmart printer and a HP Photosmart 1215 both work O.K. but I'm thinking about the new Canon S9000 or an Epson 2200 any comments on these 2 printers?
          Just thought I'd mention that these questions you asked fall in the "Oh, btw" category. You might have a better chance of getting a good answer if you search the forums for previous posts or start your own thread about them if you don't find any previous posts.

          Be sure to check out my Newbie Tips (especially item #5) - there's a link to it in my sig line...


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            You sure gave a good review of your course. Katrin Eisman's book is considered a kind of restoration bible around here. Many of us have worked through it and learned so much. It's about the best book out there specifically related to Restoration. I also liked the point you brought up about using short cuts as a demonstration. I never thought about it but I can see how that would be confusing especially if they are used to expedite things without explaining what those short cuts are really doing.
            I know what you mean about family obligations taking up priorities before PS classes but it's nice that you got to take this class. Sounds like you'll really get alot out of it.

            Also, Jak had good advice. Start a new thread on the subject of your printer choice so it becomes it's own topic. You'll get a lot more advice specifically on that topic and it won't get burried or lost in the middle of this subject. It's a good topic and deserves it's own thread.

            Wow, looks like you really have everything pretty much settled. That's great. I wasn't sure how far you progressed from the basic outline. I know what you mean about perfectionism possibilly getting in the way a bit with the beginners. How to critique with out nit picking. I think you'll do fine. You'll get the feel for their abilities pretty quickly and I think things will fall into place.


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              Hey Vikki,

              these may be of some use to you in your teaching. you can download a bunch of Adobe's "Classroom in a book" series in PDF format if you're with an educational institution.

              - David


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                Thanks David, I'll check them out, and compare them against what I've got planned.

                I got a call from the university on Friday. My class is scheduled to start February 4th, ending March 25th.
                We (they) are still undecided about the software we'll be using. I may call them today and push harder for Elements.

                There probably won't be too many more updates until Feb, so if you're intererested, check back then.


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                  This is not being negative about your restoration class but you should take a new look at your first order of business. I give a free eye opener lecture on photo history and restoration to genealogy and historical societies in Columbus Ohio.
                  Do you plan to make money at this? If so take in consideration Gas, Driving time, Time in preparing lesson plans, You will need to be at school at least one hour before class to set it up the computers. People will have a week to play with your class set up and they will play. School paper work and so on. Divide the time into the pay. If this more for the love of it you will love doing it.
                  Will there be interest in your area? The adult education facility will have you to teach PS 7 most people cant afford it and will not attend. I feel the PS version that comes with most of your hardware would be better or pay $100 for it. Most school systems don’t like this bigger is better. This school has no PS classes so you may be starting from scratch. If your students don’t have good basic of PS your restoration class will turn into PS class the first six weeks. Will they be using Macs on Windows and what do your students know? As far as a pre-test you will know the first hour.
                  Use Katrin Eismanns photo restoration book if you can get permission your lesson plan and textbook will be completed. You need to get real what can you teach in twelve hours and plan from there.
                  From a teaching standpoint, I would keep the class at about ten..All your students will need a computer you can get by with two per computer. PS and all materials for the class installed. You will need a computer and overhead projector system. You don’t need a common server to save files. Student should save work on a disk or CD and take home. If saved on the school computer it may not be there the next week.
                  Have fun Neal


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                    Neal - thanks for the tips. Especially about saving the work to disks.

                    The university set up an interview for me with a local paper. Because the article came out two days before the class, the class has been rescheduled to March 4th.

                    Here's a shot of the article. I really didn't want my picture in the article, but they insisted. I was surprised that it was so big!
                    It was a good article, and has generated interest in the class and business. One of the first calls I received was from a women with 500-800 glass plate negatives, who wants to have them printed for resale.

                    The article was basically about myself and a local man who does something to photographs that makes them look like paintings. He doesn't use a computer, and he wouldn't reveal his technique.

                    I thought this was amusing.....The interviewer, watching me work with my pen and tablet, referred to it as a "magic wand" in the article.
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                      Well Vikki, if he's seen samples of your work, that remark is not far fetched. Good luck with the course and the work that will probably result.


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                        Front cover page of the Lifestyles section -- Wowee! Great exposure, and I'm sure it will bring students and customers. It's also a great keepsake for your family to restore some time in the future.


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                          Just wanted to say congratulations on your accomplishments!


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                            Sounds like you are turning your great idea into reality. Congrats. What about the woman with the glass plates? Are you going to try them? I did about 200 glass plates of the Chicago Fire (not the sports team) many years ago the old fashion way with an enlarger. Still have some prints framed in one of our rooms. Are you going to try scanning them? I'd be interested in the results. Gool luck with the class!!



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                              Way to go Vicki!!! A huge congrats from one of your biggest fans here. And I also think you photograph well yourself. I hope you scrap book that news cover page. I was wondering how your classes went of if they had started yet so it will be interesting to see how things go for you when they do start. I'm green with envy and happy as heck for you. I think you really deserve this opportunity.


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                                Congrats on becoming a celebrity! Super exposure! This sounds like a winning undertaking even if something should happen, and the class got cancelled. I'm really glad for you Vikki. Keep us posted.



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