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    I seem to collect some useful links - which I have put on the web in categorised form so that answers to tough questions can be quickly found...the links page also serves as a step to further reading and exploration on other topics, as many of the sites have other deep info as well.

    The video instruction section of the links page is one which is really useful - as some topics are best described with multimedia:

    I have just updated this section with a link to previews of 38 Apple QuickTime tutorials, which are quite small/fast downloading (even from Australia with a 56.6 dialup) - which are at the PhotoshopIO website. The VTC site is also very extensive, as are the Adobe sites movies...the Russell Brown site is always popular and has many excellent movies and PDF's.

    There would be well over 100 free video sample tutorials on offer in these links, so if you have not looked at these sites before or if it has been a while - it is my suggestion that you suck up some serious bandwidth by downloading now!

    TIP: The Apple QuickTime plug can be set to store movies in the cache file. You can then search for the .mov files on your drive and back them up to another location and watch the movies at anytime - even if you are not connected to the net.



    Stephen Marsh.

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