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  • Adobe Roadshow in UK

    Adobe is doing a joint Photoshop 7 presentation with the RPS which is on tour at the moment. I think its about half way through but details are on the Adobe UK site.

    The presentation lasts for about 2 hours and only costs a fiver. A friend of mine attended one and said it was good value. Apparently there are raffles so you might come away with a copy of some Adobe product.

    I'm booked on the one in the Lake District at a pub in Bassenthwaite so I'll probably be too far gone to appreciate it!!


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    Thanks Chris

    I have just missed the one in Kent and it seems the London session is Sold out

    Could you be my eyes and ears on this one and post a run down of the interesting and important bits.

    Try not to drink too much before the lecture begins



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      I'll give you a report its on Saturday. Jessops are involved as well so I assume the 'my lens is longer than yours' camera club bores will be in attendance. Must practice biting tongue prior to event!!!
      and I'll take 1968 Instamatic camera and ask for advice, some fool usually bites!!!!


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        Adobe Roadshow

        Just seen your letter in forums on Adobe roadshow It was at the camera club in Bramhall a few weeks ago. It cost £3 a ticket, and on the same Bill was somebody trying to sell an expensive Scanner. A raffle by number on ticket for prizes which was Adobe 7 for winner and another Adobe product for second (may have been another adobe 7) Other prizes of books etc were given by Jessops A bloke called Mike gave the talk. If he had had a colt 45 instead of a mouse he would have definetly beat Wyat Erp
        I was not impressed, \\Nuff said
        Dennis Povey


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          Dennis thanks for your assessment I think the Bramhall venue was one my friend attended. However the dye is cast so I'll be in attendance up at Bassenthwaite on Saturday, I'm staying over at Whitehaven so its only 2 hours out of the weekend. I knew Jessops were in attendance I think they must be underwriting the cost of the roadshow.

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            Well I attended the show at Bassenthwaite and found it fairly interesting although not very long. An Adobe rep from the US gave the presentation and I learned quite a bit about the exif and PDF components of the program, the rest I was familiar with.

            Worth a look but not worth a long journey luckily I fitted it in with something else. One luck person came away with a copy of PS7 all I could manage was an Adobe pen!!


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              Thanks for the feedback Chris, It sounds like I didn't miss a whole bunch - and seeing as I have never won anything in a prize draw - I probably would have only come away with a pen as well!

              Thanks again


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                A pity really, the Adobe apparatchik who did the presentation was very good and had a snappy US presentation style which kept your interest. He highly recommended Martin Evenings recently revised book for PS7 which i have a copy of but havent perused yet. Jessops weren't present so I assume their sales pitch at Bramhall was a local thing.


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