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  • Katrin on PS 7

    Hi all!!

    Got some great news!! Katrin is updating her book to include PS 7. As most of us are on 7.0 according to the lastest poll this should be a great addition to our libraries. I can't wait.


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    That's what I expected, but I wonder if it will be much different than the current book. This one is an excellent resource. I don't suppose it would be right for me to order one for my wife for Christmas.



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      I wonder if updating PS6 Restoration & Retouching to PS7 has anything to do with this endeavor.

      Since she's written articles on the healing brush and patch tool and posted them on her site for free download, maybe she's going to fold those into the update.

      No matter what she publishes, I'll probably buy it sight unseen.


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        Katrin posts on the Photoshop Discussion List every now and then - and I am very happy that she does*. <g>

        I was under the impression that the free PDF texts on the healing tools was the update for v7 - as apart from some blend modes and the paint engine, there was not much that directly concerned retouchers/restorers (apart from OS X and XP and all the other updates to v7 that usually warrant a new book).

        I can't speak for Katrin - but perhaps her site has something...

        And while healing is the topic -

        Isolate Healing Action

        Photoshop 7 action to isolate the healing process when performed on the entire image or on larger selected areas. The result of this action is to mimic the effect of clone stamping to a transparent layer (the healing process can't be used to transparency).

        *Here is a basic action derived from a tip that Katrin posted about restoring focus -


        Stephen Marsh.


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          Katrin PS7

          Hi all!

          According to Katrin the supply of her current books are running out but not the demand. So as long as she will be reprinting anyway the publisher might as well update.