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Tutorial on how to retouch nails!


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    At first I use Lr. And after Ps. All descriptions on russian, but if you will have questions - ask)
    Video is real long, 10min. But I wanted to make it more detailed. Look in HD.
    11-29-2011, 01:06 PM
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    06-04-2002, 12:45 AM
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  • Tutorial on how to retouch nails!

    I made my first test run tutorial today on how to retouch nails!
    For some reason my cursor was an arrow for most of it but i still think it could be helpful


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    Re: Tutorial on how to retouch nails!

    Nice. Thanks for sharing :-)


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      Re: Tutorial on how to retouch nails!

      My Pleasure =)


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        Re: Tutorial on how to retouch nails!

        Good job on the screencast/tutorial! Easy to understand, well thought out in advance etc.

        I wonder if the smudge tool causes everything to look... um... smudged? In which case, some fake elongated subtle texture on a 50% gray layer might be helpful too. If you want to get even fancier, try the smudging on the low frequency layer after a frequency separation. Hope its okay to offer advice on your tut.

        --Shift Studio.


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          Re: Tutorial on how to retouch nails!

          Yes that is a good idea, and suggestions are always welcomed!
          I got a similar suggestion to add a tad bit of noise to fix the issue as well.
          Especially since I found out that youtube videos can be up to 15 min.. does anyone know the max time limit for a video is?


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            Re: Tutorial on how to retouch nails!

            Nice Tutorial! Thanks you


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              Wow, thanks, this is really cool, I don’t think it can be useful to me, but my girlfriend is 100%.