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High End Retouching Workshops in Australia?

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  • High End Retouching Workshops in Australia?

    Hi there, I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any retouching workshops/courses running in Australia? I'm in Brisbane but would be willing to travel for a great workshop.

    I've done a bit of a search online & can't find anything.. Seems there'd be a great market for it here!

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    Re: High End Retouching Workshops in Australia?

    Until you find your in-person workshop, give RetouchPRO LIVE a try. The live shows ARE a workshop, and you can rent recordings of the shows you missed.
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      Re: High End Retouching Workshops in Australia?

      You might try this guy, M Seth Jones. He will teach you over Skype but I think he is in Australia somewhere... not sure where.

      Also, I would highly recommend Gry Garness videos/ebooks. She is very solid with color management/color correction/retouch and is very clear with her language.

      There was one last year with Mia Östberg + Amy Dresser. You might try contacting Mia through her website or Facebook to see if she will be offering another workshop.


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        Re: High End Retouching Workshops in Australia?

        Doug... thanks for that! I'll give them a go

        Siciliana... thank you! I've gotten on to M.Seth Jones & organised some skype tuition. Yes he's based in Melbourne. I've left Mia a post on FB & begged her to come back to Oz. And i'm googling Gry Garness as we speak.

        I really appreciate the help guys!


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          Re: High End Retouching Workshops in Australia?

          Oh, I thought Mia was based in Australia... is she in the US now? I highly recommend the Gry Garness videos/books. She really goes into quite a bit of depth, her knowledge is pretty comprehensive and she has a good workflow to take as an example.

          One more suggestion is that there are retouching videos on and, and It really depends on how much depth you want to go into, but if you are a beginner, a retouching video like those taught by Chris Orwig on might be a good introduction to retouching. You can go on and on with learning and improving your technique--not everyone will do it the same way but you will find that there are certain practices that are common to most high quality retouching work.

          Here's to making good images better!


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            Re: High End Retouching Workshops in Australia?

            Sorry you're right! Maybe I was thinking of Amy Dresser. I'm going to purchase the Gry Garness e-book today & spend some time on that. I've only been into photography and retouching for the last year, but i've been a graphic designer for 15 years, so at least I have a good understanding of photoshop to start with. Retouching is definately my passion and I just want to learn as much as I can. This website is really inspirational Thanks again!!


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              Re: High End Retouching Workshops in Australia?

              Guy Gowan is running workshops in Brisbane in November.
              He is a very good presenter.


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