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    I just saw someone recommend the books of Kevyn Aucoin for tips on applying makeup. A quick search on Amazon gave me the gist of his books. They do look interesting, but they're intended for real-world makeup application. Has anyone tried using real-world makeup techniques digitally?

    What resources (books, websites, etc.) do you use to learn the theory of makeup and/or digital application of same?
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    Going to a make-up artist would help by asking how it's applied to a face. And apply that knowledge in digital form. It would even be better to go to a make-up artist that their speciality is in corrective make-up tech's. "Make-up artists" that work with photographers in the fashion field. Where using the corrective tech's for film(pictures),digital work. These techniques are applied not only for correcting narrow lips,one eye slightly smaller than the other on those models(and for people) that are only 99% perfect(take that with a grain of salt). But for the lighting that photographer is using. Sometimes, it's flat lit(no shadows) 1 to 1 ratio. So the "corrective" tech. helps in making the face "appear" with contour. Talking more down to earth. To appear using a (corrective) lighting technique in photography that a photographer would use for portraits on people.....Short loop, Butterfly,broad lighting........But it's not the same thing. .......Sliming down or narrowing down the face and/or nose features. And that's what the corrective make-technique does for noses,the face,cheeks. As I remember, make-up artists call it highlighting and shadowing. They make the bridge of the nose lighter than the sides,which are darker. As I'm told from these make-up artists it's easier in P.S. The liquify command can do a lot of that work for you and using those basic make-up techniques.
    Then there's make-up artists like "Joe Blasco". Not only does he do "regular" make-up but also special effects. He use to have a make-up(I forget what it was called) it was a heavy make-up.....Like most of his make-up line is. You have to go light on it......A little goes a long way.Had some kind of metal in it. It was white, and the oldtimers(photographers) used it for B&W photography. The models "appeared" like porcelin dolls. It was that heavy. This stuff could be used for fixing impact damage to automoblies I remenber...... It had to be applied 15 min. under "hot lights". It just saged. That "looked" real good ! Had to be their !

    So getting some shots on film,digital and looking at the texture and technique of the make-up helps as well.


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      You really need to know how to apply makeup to begin with before doing it digitally. Not the physical process or strokes, but the way it should look for different occasions, what to use and not to use, or else the person will look like a clown. You also have to keep up on styles if you are doing stuff that is fashionable. Makeup styles change as quick as fashion does. There are so many people who are stuck in the 70's and 80's makeup styles in real life (granted, some of those styles repeat themselves) and I see that reflected in their digital work. You can almost look at someone's work and tell what they or their wives look like in real life.

      Of course there are basic "rules" about what shades and colors to put where to make a face look fatter or thinner or younger, but much of that is out the window when it comes to fashion.


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        It would be interesting to have a digital makeup guide with theory and all, but in RGB or CMYK terms instead of "Max Factor Ruby Delight #5".
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          yea - that doesn't help much. Maybe someday makeup companies will publish a conversion catalog.


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            If U want a Makeup Artist am ready


            I am a Makeup Artist and a graphic designer.. and I do retouch my photos if its needed..
            I Do all sorts of makeup From beauty up to special effects and with 4 years makeup artistry experience If you need any makeup Help let me know.

            If you'd like to see some of the photos i've done let me know


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              sure rana, I would love to see some.


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