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Tutorial: Masking Hair (link)

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  • Tutorial: Masking Hair (link)

    Excellent hair masking tutorial

    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    That's something everyone struggles with at one time or another, and that one was worth downloading. Thanks for the link.



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      Wow!! That is a terrific method - don't think I've seen that before. That makes it almost easy!

      Thank you, Doug!


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        cool! I'm saving that one, thats some of the best hair masking I've seen done.

        - David


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          Re: Tutorial: Masking Hair (link)

          This link pops up as 404 Error Code ...
          Can anyone help me find this file (web site for downloading tutorial) ???

          Thank you,
          Marvin Goldstein


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            Re: Tutorial: Masking Hair (link)

            I have nothing to post:
            ... 75 and Unemployed
            ... Physically capable of working; too old for companies who seniors are slow, unproductive
            and not always responsible ---
            ... Maintain sanity teaching myself PS, AI, FL and DW ...


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              Re: Tutorial: Masking Hair (link)

              ... Youthful company executives "think(???)" old timers are too slow, unproductive and not responsible !!!
              ... I'd like to know where the hell they came from or more about their backgrounds ???


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                Re: Tutorial: Masking Hair (link)

                Originally posted by MarvinGoldstein View Post
                This link pops up as 404 Error Code ...
                Can anyone help me find this file (web site for downloading tutorial) ???

                Thank you,
                Marvin Goldstein
                Marvin, if you check the date on the orig post you will see it was started more than 9 years ago. Most sites won't leave stuff lying around for more than 9 months let alone 9 years. Techniques and tools have also changed dramatically since. However if you do a search on google you will turn up thousands of tutorials on the subject.
                Regards, Murray


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