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  • K.Eismann book-Smart Sharpening

    On page 191 of Ms. Eismanns most excellent tome ( A MUST HAVE, by the way for anyone serious about retouching) , She describes an elegant way to sharpen without going to extermes. You can also use the "glowing edge" filter to combine some of the steps she outlines into one step by using the glowing edge dialog box sliders. Specifically steps 3-6 and possibly 7. Tom

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    I'll have to check that out Tom. Haven't been to page 191 yet. Thanks for the tip.



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      Do you mean that you use find edges then switch to glowing edges? You use them together instead of just using glowing edges to replace find edges?


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        Dj, Just skip the 'find edges' and use the "Glowing Edges" this inverts, finds edges, gives you control over smoothness and width with one quick stop. By the way, the venison was great. That recipe is a keeper. Tom


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          Thanks Tom,

          I'm glad you liked the venison. I was eager to know how you liked it. It adds a new twist to the meat. Well I got to go Dave needs the computer now.


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